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Undefeated not good enough for Watchmen

In spite of missing finals a reunion deemed a success


BANFF, AB – Game 1; After a chemistry filled Friday afternoon reuniting old teammates + 1 rookie, the Watchmen won a close one against a young/fast team and looked poised to set themselves up for a date with some unfortunate foe on Sunday… yes, this was looking like Corey “I got your back under 5’4” Wilkinson had put together a dream team…  strong goaltending by Tim “I’ll carry this team on my back” Weis and timely goals by watchmen offense led to the win.  G2 was a different story… Filthy’s was a terrible team, like the oilers only worse… the Nasty were extremely fortunate to come out with the tie after the Watchmen fired an estimated 435 shots at the terrible tender without having enough to muster the win… Sure Jeff “We couldn’t get anything by him, well… except 5” MacLellan scored some beauties despite numerous stick controversies but even that wasn’t enough to get the win…  With a 1-0-1 record going into Saturday’s final round robin win, it looked like a win virtually secured a birth in Sunday’s finals… everything was going according to plan…  Saturday was prequelled by much anticipation and optimism by all knowing Sunday was within grasp.  After finding out their opposition was drunk the Watchmen figured they had it in the bag. But there was plenty of hung-over to go around, and the Watchmen’s open style of play up and down the ice earned them their second tie game of the tournament, landing them a single goal short of playing in the finals.

In spite of a disappointing result, the Watchmen licked their wounded at dispersed again across the country determined to give it another go a year from now.


Reunion(s) ebbing closer

GM Weis, lands in Alberta for pre-tourney meeting with Watchmen legend


TABER, AB – With two weeks left to go before the Banff extravaganza, goaltender and team GM Tim Weis has landed in southern Alberta for some pre-tournament meetings with team captain Chris Girard. “There’s rumours circulating that I’m here to make sure our number one scorer hasn’t let himself go, and to make sure he’s in playing shape,” said Weis in an exclusive interview with the WatchNET. “Sure we’ll need his hands if we wanna compete in the lucrative over-30 division, but I can categorically deny that I’m here to check up on him. I have no doubt that he’s been keeping to his dry-land schedule, just like the rest of the boys, and the visit is purely social.”

Weis had been handed the GM reigns since the departure of Cory Wilkinson to the sunny west coast, and folded up the squad when he departed the province, but is rumoured to be reviving the team for the ERHL summer season if enough of the old boys can put some money on the table.


Watchmen Reunite for Banff classic

More importantly the WatchNET is taken off life support


GATINEAU, QC – The WatchNET, having put off writing a post-mortem for the beloved Watchmen for close to 6 months, has been dusted off as the reunion is now officially set for the April 3-5 in Banff tournament. The Watchmen jerseys are 1-0 lifetime in tournaments, taking the Full Throttle inaugural (and farewell) tournament in the summer of 2007 in Enoch, Alberta, and the pressure is on for the boys to retain their winning ways.  While Jeff I wish I was a Newfie MacLellan and Tim webmaster Weis are the only two who played in the Full Throttle tourney that will also be in the Watchmen line-up in Banff, they will be joined by a cast of original Watchmen veterans, including three of the original cast of players; team founder and all-time point leader Cory F-bomb Wilkinson, the franchise’s all-time leading goal-scorer Chris the Flying Frenchman Girard, the franchise’s all-time leader in games played and penalty minutes, Dino Great F***ing game dad Vlahadamis, and the team’s all-time leader in penalty minutes per game played and the heart and soul of the dressing room Tom number 10 on the game sheet, number 1 in your heart Jacknisky.

In addition to the founding fathers, the Watchmen line-up will feature three long-time veterans of the Watchmen summer team (and winter farm team – the Ice Bears), Mitch I couldn’t come up with a wedding excuse to skip this tournament Flegel, Travis I’m still voting for Ralph Klein Manchur and JP screw the div 3 playoffs Glaves. Rounding out the cast is Brad your winger is never too open not to take a slapshot Holt who was picked up by the Watchmen in their farewell winter and summer ERHL seasons, and the only player never to have previously donned a Watchmen jersey Nick I wish I had a nickname Popowich who was claimed off of Pink Steel waivers.

With less than a month to go before the first puck drop the anticipation is building; ‘Can they keep their tournament streak alive?’, ‘Will the boys still have the chemistry?’, ‘Will this be the first of an annual tradition, or the last Watchmen hurrah?’, ‘Will the WatchNET return to its former glory?’, ‘Can we just pay for 2 nights instead of 3?’ All questions and more will soon be answered. Until then, stay tuned to the WatchNET as it digs through the e-mail archive to bring you some of the highlights from behind the scenes of the Watchmen’s glory days that were passed at K of C arena on cold Edmonton winter nights.



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