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1-August-2005 – Into the history books

OLD STRATHCONA – A Watchmen wrap-up party has been scheduled for August 20, 2005 (Saturday).  The festivities will include a “Texas Scramble” golf tourney in Edmonton, followed by a trip to Don Cherry’s (unless someone ponies up their place between now and then). 

All Watchmen past, present and subs are invited out (yes, even you Ice Bears).  Please email me to reserve a spot ASAP. 

Golf is limited to 16 players… so don’t wait!

Championship hats are mandatory.


1-August-2005 – Nycholat name MVP as 2005 Awards Announced

OLD STRATHCONA – After pouring over the stats and recapping the season, the WatchNET writers’ association has officially determined this season’s award winners:

2005 Watchmen Awards


Most Valuable Watchman: Corwin Nycholat

Nycholat made an impressive transition to forward coming in #2 in team points, setting up some of the pretties goals of the season.  Corwin however did not lose his defensive edge and moved between the front & back seamlessly when he was called upon to do so - a force to be reckoned with in either capacity, both in the regular season and the playoffs.  His play was so solid that he took the honour despite his open contempt for management demonstrated by his consistent honey-garlic purchases and choosing to study over playing hockey.


Marvin Blue Memorial – Most Valuable Playoff Watchmen: Preston Kulmatycki

See write-up below.


George Mallia Memorial – Most Games Played: Russ Simpson

Russ Simpson claims the iron man title by being only the third Watchmen history not to miss a single game. While the award is based only on the regular season, Simpson also made it to all six playoff games, giving him 21 games played in the summer season. Simpson has also moved up to 4th in all-time Watchmen games played at 173 behind Wilkinson (212), Vlahadamis (206) and Weis (191).


Matt Barker Memorial – 3 Stars: 1. Cory Wilkinson (56) 2. Russ Simpson (47) 3. Tim Weis (43)

While he only played two thirds of the regular season, the F-Bomb made up for with intensity what he lacked in ice time claiming the 1st star for the Watchmen’s 2005 summer season.  Russ Simpson finished second, thanks in part to a strong playoff showing where he potted some crucial goals.  Finishing with the Watchmen’s third star is netminder Tim Weis, who notched almost half of his points in the first round of the playoffs shutting down the high-scoring Bulldogs, and winning a Game 3 shoot-out.


Ed Jean Memorial – Lowest Penalty Minutes/Games Played*: Travis Manchur (0.2 PIM/game)

Playing in his first season as a Watchman, Travis Manchur posted a very impressive winning percentage when he was in the line-up as the squad when 9-1 when he was there and 0-4 without him.  Manchur’s seeming lucky charm may have had something to do with him not spending much time in the sin bin, as he posted the lowest PIM/games played ratio, earning him the Ed Jean Memorial Trophy.


Chris Marsh Memorial – Most Points: Cory Wilkinson (21 points: 13 G, 8 A)

Missing the first few games of the season to rest a pulled groin, Wilkinson debated about taking the entire summer season off.  Taking the advice of one Mrs. F-Bomb to "get off your ass, you're going to drive me crazy", Wilky hit the ice in full stride.  Despite being without his trigger-man, Captain Greybeard Girard, Cory found his way under his opponents' skin, and found the back of the net enough times to earn him the Marsh Memorial trophy for most regular season points.  What is most impressive is that Wilkinson took the top prize while only playing two-thirds of the regular season.


Golden Drumstick – Don Cherry’s Award for Post-Game Performance: Russ Simpson

Not only did Russ not miss a single Watchmen game, but he also hit 1.000 afterwards as he did not miss a single post-game gathering including the award-winning Monday-Night @ Midnight tour of duty during the playoffs.  


Tony van Tol Memorial - Most Penalty Minutes: Russ Misselbrook (28 PIM)

Claiming the title for the third summer season in a row is Russ Misselbrook, one of the league’s most feared defensive forces.  Misselbrook continues to refuse to be pushed around in front of his own net or in the corner, and while he sometimes pays the price for it with a trip to the penalty box, his opponents think twice about leaning on him again.  Russ also takes the award for the most definitive silencing of a chirping opponent.  Although Russ has laid claim to the title for the past 3 seasons, he has yet to come close to the all-time record by Chris Girard who set the bar at a lofty 69 penalty minutes in the 2000-01 season.


For a complete list of past Watchmen trophy winners click here, and to see the Watchmen Hall of Fall click here.

*Players must play at least ½ the season to qualify for this award


28-July-2005 – Don’t turn that dial…

OLD STRATHCONA – Thanks to the Watchmen for another great season.  As always, a huge thanks goes out to player-coach Wilkinson who puts his money, his time and his heart on the line to keep the team running. 

Stay tuned to the WatchNET for the Watchmen end-of-season golf and BBQ, as well as more photos and stats from the 2004-05 seasons, and of course the new season in September!


28-July-2005 – You can’t win them all – but one is certainly nice

EDMONTON – The Watchmen showed up Wednesday night to try to shake off the “All-Time Best Runner-Up” title that they have owned for several years.  Having finished with a silver medal (aka; nothing) for three straight winter seasons, even the Watchmen’s most loyal fan, Mrs. F-Bomb mused openly about the point of attending “yet another final game”.

Focus and unphased

At the drop of the puck, the boys in purple hit the ground running, dominating the opening moments of play apparently not intimidated by the shift in series momentum after the Battalion took Game 2 in shoot-outs.  The Battalion however, parried the initial Watchmen attack though and both squads settled into a cautious game, afraid to take the risk that might end up being costly, and the first period finished with each team only registering 5 shots on net without a goal.

It was the Battalion who, whilst short-handed drew first blood as Andy Mundy cut through the Watchmen defences and put a shot right through the Watchmen tender.  With the game being played as defensively as possible in both ends, the 1-0 lead was looking dangerous.  The Battalion, pushed to increase their lead to two goals, but would not be able to find the back of the net again.  Six minutes after the opener, Cory F-Bomb Wilkinson fed a pass back to JP Glaves who drove home a point shot through the five-hole to tie the game, and the team’s skated to the intermission tied at a goal each.

Loose lips, sink ships

The Watchmen had come out flat after the flood in the previous two games but the Fradette-Barker-Wilkinson started the period hard demonstrating they were not about to let the Battalion get the upper hand in the final frame.  The Battalion and their goalie were not about to give an inch, keeping the assault at bay, and the Watchmen looked like they were on their way to yet another overtime as the clock ticked down.  However, the Battalion’s dirty behind the play antics finally caught up to them when Russ Misselbrook was cross-checked from behind only 10 feet in front of the referee with 3 minutes remaining in the 3rd, leaving the official with little option but to award the Watchmen a power play.  Unimpressed by what he perceived to be referee interference, a Battalion player flew off the deep end swearing a blue streak at the referee, and eventually even motioning to hit him – earning himself an early shower, and a 5 minute match penalty for his team-mates to deal with. 

Surprised by the turn of events, the Watchmen put out their power play unit, and after almost running the entire minor penalty off of the clock, Wilkinson popped a rebound into the net to put the Watchmen up by a goal with just over a minute left on the clock.  The Battalion battled fiercely to tie up the game and despite drawing a Watchmen penalty to even the number of players on the ice, the clock ran out with the final score 2-1 in favour of the Watchmen, earning them and the franchise its first Championship.

Purple mile goes wild

137th Ave, known to Watchmen fans as the Purple Mile erupted after the game as a steady stream of cars drove east from K of C Arena to Boston Pizza to celebrate the long awaited victory.  Impressively, with the exception of Mitch Flegel and Nathan Deisman who were out of town, .the entire Watchmen squad attended the celebration, including the suspended Marv Killer Blue.

While enjoying themselves well into the wee hours of the night, the party was somewhat bittersweet as it marked the end of great season with a great bunch of guys.  It also marked the last time Matt Rookie Sensation Barker, and Marv Killer Blue will be with the squad, both of whom have announced they will test the free agent market in other cities across North America.  Meanwhile, Fradette, Flegel, Glaves and Manchur have all been signed by soon-to-be arch-nemesis Ice Bears for the upcoming winter season.

For the time being however, the Watchmen can enjoy the month of August sporting their well-deserved championship hats. 


28-July-2005 – The Kid named playoff MVP

NORTH SIDE BOSTON PIZZA – He’s been called a lot of things: the Kid, Fatso, Homo, but the Watchmen’s #44, Preston Kulmatycki can now add “playoff MVP” to his list of nicknames.  Kulmatycki’s 5 goals and 2 assists led the league in playoff points, and he was named playoff MVP by team management.

Honourable mention also goes out to Wilkinson, Nycholat, Blue and Vlahadamis all of who finished in the top ten scoring, as well as to the entire Watchmen defensive core for taking the Goals-Against Crown. 

Watchmen goaltending also led the league in save percentage, rounding out a top to bottom team effort that saw the 4th place Watchmen knock off the 1st and 2nd place squads to take the Championship.


27-July-2005 – A pleasure.

EDMONTON – Watchmen join such Rec. Hockey Legends as the Sting and Perma by claiming the 2005 summer crown. 

Click on the trophy to see the final game sheet.


Three Stars

1)      Cory Champion Wilkinson

2)      JP Champion Glaves

3)      Russ Champion Misselbrook


Game Result:  Watchmen 2 vs. Battalion 1 (Win, 4-2)


27-July-2005 – Finals to go the distance

EDMONTON – The Watchmen could taste the championship as they took a 2-0 lead early in game two as F-Bomb Wilkinson and Honey-Garlic Nycholat each notched a goal.  Despite being outshot 15-9 the Watchmen took their lead into the second period.

Unfortunately for the Watchmen, the wheels came off the wagon, as the Battalion hammered in four goals in the second period to sandwich Russ Simpson’s tally for the Watchmen, and the tides suddenly turned as the Battalion had their first lead of the series.

Keeping their composure, the Watchmen tied the game at four as Summer Simpson found the back of the net a second time, setting up yet another overtime for the Watchmen.  The teams didn’t make it to the extra frame without a little ugliness though, as Marv Rocky Blue was clipped from behind, only to bestow a well deserved bloody nose onto the likes of the perpetrator of the cheap shot.

As usual, the 5-minute run-time OT settled nothing, and the Watchmen were headed to shoot-outs for the third time in their last four games.  Despite their familiarity with shoot-outs, they came up short, and the Battalion took a 1-0 shootout victory to send the finals to a third and deciding game tomorrow night at K of C arena.

Despite some impressively immature name-calling – “You’re a homo” – (what grade are we in again?), for the most part crying that plagued the first game was more or less kept to a minimum.  The referees did a good job to curtail the unnecessary chirping, but turned a lot of blind eyes to cheap and even potential dangerous crap behind the play, which inevitably culminated in the dust up.

Honourable mention goes to Wilkinson for being the first at Cherry’s despite nursing a butt-end in the face and a twisted ankle.


Three Stars

1)      Russ Simpson

2)      Nate Moore (Battalion)

3)      Marv’s a Killer Blue


Game Result:  Watchmen 4 vs. Battalion 5 (SO Loss, 3-2)


26-July-2005 – Watchmen's offence explodes in finals opener

EDMONTON – Despite healthy scratches Barker and Flegel, the Watchmen hit the ice in full stride Monday night against the Battalion in the first of a best of three final series.  The Watchmen faced a tougher opponent in the opening round against the Bulldogs than the Battalion who swept the FAK Red Army, which may have helped in the opener as the Watchmen got the jump early.

Preston the Kid slapped in his league leading 4th goal just over a minute into the opening frame to set the tone.  The Battalion’s Steve Carels tied the game at one at the midway point of the first period finding the five-hole on a scramble in front of the net.  Instead of backing off, the goal seemed to energize the Watchmen as they exploded for 3 goals in the last five minutes of the period coming from Blue, Vlahadamis and Gray, the latter crossing the goal line officially 0.005 seconds before the end of the period – a veritable backbreaker from which the Battalion would not recover.

Finding themselves in penalty trouble, the Watchmen gave up a goal in the 2nd period, but restored the three goal differential quickly as Ryan the chemist Fradette mopped up a scramble in front of the net, and then added some more insurance at the hands of Dana Guru Gray who tallied his 2nd on the night to really dampen the Battalion spirits.  Heading into final frame with a 6-2 lead, the Watchmen shifted to a more defensive style.  Despite having some big shooters, the Battalion were only able to pop in one last goal and the final buzzer sounded with the score 6-3 in favour of the Watchmen.

The Watchmen found their stride Monday night and surprised the Battalion as the final series opened with a bang.  The Watchmen got scoring from all three lines, did a good job of clearing rebounds from in front of their own net, and were backstopped without major screw-ups; which all contributed to the opening win.  However, the series is a best of three, and the Watchmen should expect a different team to show up for game 2 and will need to keep doing the things they did right to bring home the championship.

Despite being on the giving end of a lot of dirty play, the Battalion squad whines more than my two-year old daughter. For a very talented team, the crying doesn't become them, and was an unfortunate overtone to an otherwise hard fought battle. Despite having the penalty calls 7-1 in their favour midway through the 2nd period there was a shocking amount of crocodile tears being shed from the home team’s bench. To be fair, once the ball is rolling the Watchmen are not known to keep their thoughts to themselves, but it was nothing short of an embarrassing spectacle put on by the home team Monday night.  Nonetheless, hopefully the fans will be treated to a little more class for the remainder of the series, as there is some good hockey to be played.

Special mention goes out to Vlahadamis, Nycholat, Simpson and Blue who all made a post-midnight, Monday appearance at Boston Pizza after the game solidifying a place in chicken wing history, unlike Jacknisky and Wilkinson who will continue to have to struggle in the trenches to retain their ratings.


Three Stars

1)      Shaun Mills

2)      Dana Guru Gray

3)      Dino Dionne Vlahadamis


Game Result:  Watchmen 6 vs. Battalion 3 (Win, 3-1)


22-July-2005 – Beleaguered tender redeems himself in shoot-outs, sending the Watchmen to the finals

EDMONTON – After losing a heart-breaker in game 2 the Watchmen came out of the blocks, guns a-blazing in the third game in the best of three Thursday night against the C-Bros Bulldogs.  The Watchmen took it to the Bulldogs early on with strong fore-checking and good puck movement.  Despite dominating play, the Watchmen still struggled to get many clear scoring chances and had a settle for shots from the outside, until Dion Vlahadamis parted the Bulldogs defensemen like a hot knife through warm feta cheese on a Greek salad, making a nifty little move to slide the puck through the goalie’s five-hole to open up the scoring.  The goal further boosted the Watchmen’s confidence as they turned the pressure up a notch, and Matt Yankee Barker broke his scoring drought when he batted in his own rebound for the Watchmen’s second goal of the night.

With Mr. Moe Mentum sitting on the bench, the Watchmen took a 2-0 lead into the second period.  The Watchmen continued to control the play, and were poised to circumvent their patented 2nd period slump until midway through the period when a veritable parade to the penalty box began, and the Watchmen played short handed for the better part of the period.  Impressively, the boys in white and purple were able to keep the Bulldogs at bay, killing off penalty after penalty including a 5-3 near the end of the period.  Despite emerging from the period unscathed, the Watchmen did lose Moe, as the Bulldogs gained some confidence after buzzing in the Watchmen zone.

The tides began to turn when the Bulldogs capitalized on a failed clearing attempt bringing the game to within one.  The Watchmen did not roll over though as Preston the Kid hammered - and I mean hammered - home a perfect pass from Marv the Chimney Blue restoring the two-goal lead.  Desperate to keep their season alive, the Bulldogs popped in their 2nd of the night on a rebound from the point only moments later, bringing the game to a 3-2 score at the halfway point of the final frame.  Nonetheless, the Watchmen kept the pressure on and successfully ran 6:30 off the remaining 7:00 minutes off the clock.  Despite the heroic and unprecedented shot block by Wilkinson’s fragile ankle, the Bulldogs, for a second night in a row, tied the game up in the final minute of play sending it into OT.

The 5-minute run-time overtime decided nothing despite a few good scoring opportunities in each end, and the squads were headed to shoot-outs for the second night in a row.  Wilkinson took the first shot for the Watchmen and found the back of the net for the second time in two nights and the task feel to Watchmen goaltender Tim Weis, who had been unable to hold on to the Watchmen’s lead twice in a row.  Things were not looking good for Weis, as he was beat by the Bulldogs first shooter.  Cam Running Man Phillips made no mistake on his penalty shot, and once again the Watchmen had the lead.  Weis was able to turn away the Bulldogs second attempt with a low kick save giving Yankee Barker a chance to seal the victory.  Unfortunately Barker put the puck over the net, and it became a make or break shot for the Bulldogs, who found nothing but Weis’ blocker as he attempted to fire a shot from the hash marks, and the Watchmen took the penalty shots and the series 2-1.

A big kudos goes out to the Bulldogs who played a great series in the regular season and in the playoffs, with 3 of the 5 match-ups going to overtime.  A bigger kudos goes out to the loyal Watchwomen who shivered in the stands on a hot July evening.  And the mother of all kudos goes out to the Watchmen for putting together a solid team effort to earn yet another berth in the ERHL finals.

The Watchmen will face another strong opponent against the Battalion in the finals who swept FAK 2-0.  The squads split the season series 2-2, and the Watchmen will need continued production from numerous players up front, including Kulmatycki, Nycholat and Phillips who lead the league in playoffs scoring, if they are to take home a coveted ERHL championship before Wilkey gets too old to play anymore.


Three Stars

1)      Tim Dang Casadilla Weis

2)      Preston the Kid Kulmatycki

3)      Cory F-Bomb Wilkinson


Game Result:  Watchmen 4 vs. C-Bros Bulldogs 3 (SO, Win, 2-1)


21-July-2005 – Watchmen lose in shoot-outs after being 1 second away from finals

EDMONTON – The Watchmen and the C-Bros Bulldogs put on a great battle yet again in their fourth match-up of the season.  Both squads came out of the starting blocks a little timid, afraid to make the first mistake, and played a relatively cautious first period.  The C-Bros got the jump on the shot clock on the Watchmen getting up 8-1 at one point, but the play was pretty evenly balanced with the Watchmen firing too many to count wide of the pipes.

The Watchmen eventually found the net, but could not find a way to beat Bulldogs goaltender John Toma and both teams were kept off the scoreboard until the Bulldogs popped in a rebound with 5 minutes to go in the second period to take a one goal lead.  The goal opened the game up, but despite being awarded a 4-minute man advantage the Watchmen were not able to capitalize in the first two periods of play and the Bulldogs took a 1-0 lead into the final frame.

Preston the Kid Kulmatycki tied the game up on a scramble in front of the Bulldogs net, and Russ Simpson put in his own rebound moments later to turn the tables, as the Bulldogs suddenly found themselves down a goal, moments away from being eliminated being down 1-0 in the best of three series.  The Watchmen controlled the play and looked poised to sweep their way into the finals, but with 20 seconds left in regulation the Bulldogs were able to get a face-off in the Watchmen’s zone.  With their goalie pulled, the Bulldogs managed to get the puck back to the point and a tip the shot over the shoulder of the sprawling Watchmen goaltender with 0.5 seconds left on the clock.

Despite the heart breaking turn of events the Watchmen kept their composure and controlled the 5 minutes overtime period, but were unable to capitalize, sending the game into shoot-outs.  Both the Watchmen and Bulldogs first shooters found the back of the net, while the next four consecutive shooters were turned aside, sending the shoot-outs into sudden death.  The Bulldogs goalie turned away the Watchmen’s effort, in the other end the Bulldogs shooter made no mistake, forcing a third a deciding game Thursday night at K of C.


Three Stars

1)      John Toma (Bulldogs)

2)      Tim Dang Casadilla Weis

3)      Russ brother Amish Simpson


Game Result:  Watchmen 2 vs. C-Bros Bulldogs 3 (SO, Loss, 1-1)


16-July-2005 – Wilkinson leads Watchmen over Bulldogs in game 1

EDMONTON – The Watchmen brought their A-game to Friday night’s tilt against the C-Bros Bulldogs making it the hardest 3-stars selection in WatchNET history.  After a spirited game to finish the season, both squads played a cautious first period vying not to give up the first goal.  It was the Watchmen’s player-coach Wilkinson who finally broke the clean sheet with a wrap-around that found the back of the net with just over a minute remaining in the first period.

The Watchmen opened up the scoring as Running-Man Phillips and the Kid each finished off passes from Honey-Garlic Nycholat taking a 3-0 lead, five minutes into the second period.  The Bulldogs got on the board by the midway point of the period, but the Watchmen kept their composure and quickly restored their 3 goal lead as Phillips popped in his second of the night, rounding out 3-point performances from his line-mates.

The Bulldogs kept it interesting by scoring early in the 3rd period, but again the Watchmen were able to maintain their 3 goal lead as Wilkinson made no mistake finishing off a perfect setup from Matt Yankee Barker.  The Watchmen defence was too much for the Bulldogs to handle, who notched 28 shots, but could not net a pair of goals by the time the buzzer sounded.  Despite not making the coveted 3-star cut, honourable mention goes to Nycholat and Barker, as well as the entire defensive squad for solid efforts against a strong opponent.

The Watchmen hope to keep their winning streak alive going into game 2 Wednesday night at K of C. 


Three Stars

1)      Cory F-Bomb Wilkinson

2)      Cam Running Man Phillips

3)      Preston the Kid Kulmatycki


Game Result:  Watchmen 5 vs. C-Bros Bulldogs 2 (Win, 1-0)


14-July-2005 – Watchmen draw Bulldogs in first round

EDMONTON – With the Dragons defaulting their final game against FAK Red Army, the Watchmen finished the summer 2005 regular season tied for 3rd place with the FAK Red Army but lost the season series tiebreaker 2-1.  As a result the Watchmen draw the first place C-Bros Bulldogs, and the FAK lines up against the Battalion.  While the Bulldogs have an impressive 12-2-0-1 record, the Watchmen have beaten them both times they faced off.  Also, the Battalion have recruited a ringer, who has notched 17 goals and 29 points in only six games with the squad.


12-July-2005 –Watchmen finish season with a bang

EDMONTON – Despite missing their fearless leader who was at home with the sniffles, the Watchmen showed up in full force Monday night to take on the high-flying C-Bros Bulldogs.  The Bulldogs, as it was eloquently pointed out during the game, have locked up first place in Division 1, and after 13 games had only missed a single possible point going into their tilt with the Watchmen.

Much of a Rec League hockey team’s success rests on the goaltender’s shoulders, and Weis demonstrated why the Watchmen are in second last place this year by letting in an awful goal on the first shot of the game, handing the lead and the momentum to the Bulldogs.  The Watchmen however, elevating their play against a worthy opponent, responded almost immediately as Nycholat – who found himself back on the point for a game – rushed the puck coast-to-coast before dishing a beautiful pass to Russ Simpson who made no mistake burying it.  The squads found themselves tied at a goal apiece after only registering a combined 2 shots.

The goaltending settled down, and the teams shifted into a solid back and forth, albeit somewhat chirpy game.  The Watchmen kept a consistent attack and goals came from Vlahadamis, Fradette, Glaves, and Jacknisky.

Despite being handed their share of penalties, and watching Nycholat get ejected after an altercation that began when he was on the receiving end of a failed knee-on-knee attempt, the Watchmen took control of the scoreboard, notching a 5-3 lead.  The bulldogs closed the gap scoring with a few minutes remaining, but the Watchmen hung on to hand the Bulldogs their first regulation time loss of the season.  With the win, the Watchmen stand an outside chance to finish 3rd if the FAK Red Army tie or lose their final game against the now eliminated Dragons.


Three Stars

1)      Russ Simpson

2)      Tom the Great One Jacknisky

3)      Ryan Fradette


Game Result:  Watchmen 5 vs. C-Bros Bulldogs 4 (Win, 9-6-0-0)


8-July-2005 –Watchmen drop third straight

EDMONTON – The Watchmen found out the hard way that playing only 15 minutes of hockey makes it hard to win games.  The Battalion jumped out to an early 3-0 lead as the Watchmen scrambled to find their legs in the first 30 minutes.  Half-way through the 2nd period the Watchmen found themselves being outshot 33-8, and struggling to keep their heads above water.

The flood seemed to energize the Watchmen, who popped in back to back goals by Wilkinson and the Kid to bring the score to within one.  The Watchmen closed the shots on goal margin to 42-25, but were not able to get the equalizer.  With a minute remaining, and the Watchmen gaoler on the bench, the Battalion notched their fourth goal into an empty net.  Impressively the Watchmen’s Fradette got it back moments later to bring game to 4-3 with 20 seconds remaining but were not able to tie it up.

A bit of ugliness finished off the game, and a few tears were reportedly shed with all the whining that went on before the final buzzer.  Nonetheless, the Battalion walked away with the 2 points clinching 2nd place, leaving the Watchmen most likely clinging to the 4th and final playoff spot.

While the Watchmen have dropped three straight games, they can take solace in the fact that they won the third period 3-1 when they decided to play as a team and are the only team to have beaten the C-Bros Bulldogs all year.

The Watchmen play their final regular season game Monday night against first place Bulldogs.  The Watchmen are likely to face the Bulldogs in the first round of the playoffs unless they win Monday night, and the Dragons tie or beat the FAK Red Army on Tuesday.  Either way the Watchmen will have to hope that the team that showed up in the third period, shows up for 45 minutes of hockey each night if they are going to make a run in the show.


Three Stars

1)      Shaun Mills

2)      Cory F-Bomb Wilkinson

3)      Nate Moore (Battalion)


Game Result:  Watchmen 3 vs. Battalion 4 (Loss, 8-6-0-0)


2-July-2005 –Watchmen stumble into the playoffs as Battalion down Dragons

EDMONTON – In need of a single point to clinch a spot in the playoffs, the Watchmen were only able to dress 9 skaters, as several players went AWOL, while others were asked by league management to have a seat for Thursday night’s game against FAK Red Army. 

The Watchmen found themselves down 2-0 early in the game as goaltender was only able to turn away 3 of the first 5 shots fired his way.   By the midway point in the 2nd period the Watchmen found themselves down 3-1, with Ryan Fradette tapping in the Watchmen’s only tally from a pretty pass from line-mate Russ Simpson.  The Watchmen were able to tie the game 4-4 by the end of the period as Kulmatycki and Glaves tallied and Fradette popped in his second of the night.

Despite an impressive comeback, Weis could not keep the door closed, and the Red Army regained the lead on a tipped shot from the point in the 3rd.  FAK were able to hang on and take the game, and 2nd place from the Watchmen who fell to 4th with the loss.  Fortunately for the boys in purple, the Battalion, who took the ice immediately after were able to get the Watchmen into the playoffs by knocking off the Dragons 7-4, who along with FAK’s win are now elminated from the show.

With two games remaining the Watchmen can finish anywhere between 2nd and 4th.  It may be to their advantage to finish 4th and to draw the 1st place squad, as if the Watchmen have proven one thing this season and that is they are capable of playing at whatever level their opposition can put on the ice. 

Hopefully more consistent attendance, play and goaltending will reverse the Watchmen’s fortunes as the playoffs approach.


Three Stars

1)      Ryan Fradette

2)      Russ Simpson

3)      Walter Three-Points Prawdzik (FAK Red Army)


Game Result:  Watchmen 4 vs. FAK Red Army 5 (Loss, 8-5-0-0)


30-June-2005 – The WatchNET is back in business

OLD STRATHCONA – After a labour dispute caused a publishing black-out, the WatchNET reporters have resumed work in full force, releasing their notes and stories that had not seen the light of day since mid-June.  The WatchNET editorial staff issued the following statement today:

“We wish to express our thanks to those who offered their concern and support for the WatchNET during this uncomfortable period.  We know how much the Watchmen dynasty means to all its fans, and our exclusive contract with WatchCORP means that following it on the WatchNET is your only option.  We will do our best not to let a work stoppage happen again… of course if the Watchmen don’t inspire any stories on the ice it is hard for us to keep making it sound interesting.  I mean, GO WATCHMEN!”


30-June-2005 – The Watchmen are one point away from the playoffs

OLD STRATHCONA – The Watchmen only need 1 point in their remaining 3 games to make it into the first round of the Summer 2005 playoffs after the Dragons only managed a tie with the C-Bros Bulldogs earlier this week.  The Watchmen currently sit in 2nd place with 16 points and an 8-4 record, without a steal to the pennant from the C-Bros Bulldogs who have 22 points with 3 games remaining.  The Watchmen face off tonight against the FAK Red Army, last year’s Division 2 champs.  A tie would clinch a playoff berth, while a win would clinch at least a 3rd place finish.  The final standings are see the Watchmen and the Battlelion face off in the first round with the C-Bros on top facing either the Dragons or FAK Red Army.  While the Dragons appear to have the stronger squad, they have had a tough time fielding a consistent lineup this summer. 

While the Watchmen may only need a single point to get into the playoffs, they have a tough schedule to finish the season against the C-Bros, the Battalion and an FAK squad desperate for some points to keep their playoff hopes alive.  They are also missing some household names like Mitch Flegel, Cory Wilkinson, Corwin Nycholat, and most importantly Travis lucky charm Manchur.  The Watchmen are hoping to call up some big guns from the farm team for the outing, but in the summer times are tough to get reliable help.


24-June-2005 – The Lighthouse vows to keep the Watchmen “Canadian”

LEDUC – Fending off rumours that the Watchmen would follow other great Canadian hockey franchises such as the Jets and the Nordiques south of the border if fan interest didn’t rebound once the WatchNET labour dispute was resolved, Watchmen owner - a mysterious figure know only as the Lighthouse -vowed he would never allow the boys in purple to move south of the 49th parallel.

“They are a Canadian institution” he was quoted as saying after a few beverages at Don Cherry’s fine diner.  “I’m not going to be a traitor like Gretzky; like it or not the boys are staying in the Oil Patch, I don’t care how many times they lose in the finals.”


24-June-2005 –Watchmen fail to clinch playoff spot in Dragons rematch

EDMONTON – Fighting to keep their playoffs hopes alive the Dragons bounced back after losing badly to the Watchmen last week, to hand them their asses on a plate with a 8-2 thrashing.  The Dragons only suited 8 players, and while the Watchmen dressed 14, the Dragons had 8 more that showed up to play.  The Watchmen appeared to take the Dragons short bench for granted and found themselves in a hole they couldn’t dig themselves out of, before the game slowly slipped away as offensive risk after offensive risk backfired.

With the game well out of hand, things got a bit ugly near the end as Chirpy McChirpy decided he’d shoot his mouth off at the wrong guy, and the F-Bomb Wilkinson carpet bombed Mr. McChirpy’s big mouth.  Wilkinson and his new friend will both sit out their team’s next games for their antics.


Three Stars

1)      Sean Gagnon (Dragons)

2)      Curtis Warwaruk (Dragons)

3)      Derek Graham (Dragons)


Game Result:  Watchmen 2 vs. Dragons 8 (Loss, 8-4-0-0)


21-June-2005 – Labour tensions continue to rise at WatchCORP

-----Original Message-----


Sent: June 21, 2005 11:40 AM


Subject: I miss the Watchnet


Dear Mr. editor Sir,


I am 10 yrs old, and wiout the oilers this year, the watchmen are my favosrite team. i am sad that ther has ben no update latly.


my favrit plyers are corwin" green snot"  nychlat and Tim "the sheild" Weis.


I am a golie and want to play for the watchmen when i get oldr.


my moms favrite playr is Cory" he say puck? alot "wilkinsun"


Plese come back watchnet!




PS. I hate giard for hittimg matt last yer. matt was my favorite player untill but now he is not right in the hed.


-----Original Message-----

From: Watchmen Hockey []

Sent: Tuesday, June 21, 2005 11:33 AM


Subject: RE: I miss the Watchnet



Dear Jonny,


The WatchNet staff are overworked and underpaid.  We have been thinking

about going on strike for the past few weeks, but have been operating in a

"work-to-rule" basis until we can get a union vote.


Plus there has been too much political interference from team ownership

asking for Stars to be handed out to players of questionable merit. Such

pressures are hampering the freedom of the press.


We realize that in labour disputes like this one, and the NHL strike, it is

the fans like you, little Jonny who suffer.  But in the long run, we, like

the NHLPA, have the fans' best interest in mind, and are suffering through

Management oppression to make a better product for you the loyal fan.


Thanks for your input.

WatchNET management.


-----Original Message-----


Sent: June 21, 2005 2:34 PM

To: 'Watchmen Hockey'

Subject: RE: I miss the Watchnet


dear sir,


i showed this to my mom and she told me to write thsi to you


b-u-l-l s-h-i-t


i dont no what this mens but i no i am sad for you




PS my dad says weis is too old to be good for anything anymure. do you guys need a goalie? plese tel mat i hope his hed is bettr and that he is smrt enuf to eat. i hope he kilss girad


16-June-2005 –Watchmen extend record to 8-0 with Manchur in the line-up

EDMONTON – The Watchmen managed to put their infighting behind them outshooting the Dragons 45-28, and outscored them 7-2 Wednesday night.  With the win the Watchmen extended their current winning streak to 3 games, and to a perfect 8-0 record with defenceman Travis Lucky Charm Manchur in the lineup (Watchmen are 0-3 the games he has missed).   The Watchmen now move into a position where they only need one more win in their remaining 4 games to clinch a playoff spot as the Dragons will no longer be able to catch them.

Three Stars

1)      Travis Lucky Charm Manchur

2)      Cory F-Bomb Wilkinson

3)      Ryan the Chemist Fradette


Game Result:  Watchmen 7 vs. Dragons 2 (Win, 8-3-0-0)


14-June-2005 – Controversy erupts amongst Watchmen prima donnas

OLD STRATHCONA – The WatchNET intercepted some emails flying across WatchCORP cyber-space:

Dear Mr. Wilkinson,
As an avid reader of the WatchNET news source I was pleased to see you finally getting the recognition you deserve, in being awarded First Star for last night’s game.  We all know how biased the media can be, and clearly you have been overlooked for too long.
At last your time has come, and the media simply couldn't overlook your one-man performance.  Unfortunately the WatchNET report was otherwise lacking and didn't go into its usual depths exploring the details of your glorious performance.  Perhaps the time has come for new management at the WatchNET...
Please keep up the good work - who knows you may get another star someday.
Your number one fan,
Swiss Cheese Weis

Nycholat had this to say "Yeah, I think Cor deserved the nod for #1 star. Although, I do not think his goals were highlight reel, he did put in a strong performance. His first goal was all Dino, all Cor had to do was swing his stick. His second goal, well lets just say that him and the goalie exchange Christmas cards. I am not trying to take anything away from my teammate though, do not get me wrong. Night in and night out he steps up and shows himself as an example to follow and believe me if you are not following he will let you know."

Press release from Wilkinson's agent;


While my client is touched by the first star nod for last night's performance, he is dismayed by the comments from the Nycholat camp. My client has done nothing but try and push Mr. Nycholat to be all that he can be in his new role as forward. If that pushing has caused Mr. Nycholat ill-will, then my Client makes no apologies and will probably work with the coaching staff to push Mr. Nycholat even harder. Obviously he could use the discipline and the work. Mr. Nycholat has been a work in progress from day 1 so his comments are not all that surprising.


All that being said, my client is just happy to be part of this team and is thrilled to be playing in front of rec. goalie “legend” Tim Weis. Wilkinson had this to say;


"He (Weis) pushes me harder than anyone. I may think I had a good game, but one look from him tells me the truth. Unlike some of my teammates, he makes me want to show up every game. His work ethic and dedication to this squad inspire me and I never want to let him down."  "Oh and you can quote me on this; Nycholat can go ...." (the rest is unfit for print).  

 “This sniping back and forth in the press between Wilkinson and Nycholat must stop. These two are supposed to be leaders on this squad. And while they may be leading in points, I can't say they are leading by example. If these two babies can't get along then maybe they would like to be elsewhere? Perhaps Wilkinson would like to play with his buddies on the Brewers or Nycholat would like to be skating along side the Northern Stars?  It can be arranged gentleman. Keep it up...The press isn't helping any either. Stick to the facts, not the gossip. That Weis is always sticking his beak where it shouldn't belong trying to stir the pot. I can only hope this doesn't damage the team. I do not want to see another spiral like that of Winter '05.”

“Cease and desist, got it?”

 - the Lighthouse



14-June-2005 – Wilkinson carries Watchmen over C-Bros

EDMONTON – The Watchmen and the C-Bros Bulldogs battled Tuesday night in the was probably the best game in the summer 2005 Division 1 ERHL season to date.  Both sides battle back and forth with the two tenders keep the score 1-1 for the better part of the game, an impressive feat for the offensive nature of summer hockey.  It was F-Bomb Wilkinson who netted his second goal on the evening on a perfect pass from Ryan the Chemist Fradette.  The C-Bros responded though a moments later knocked in a rebound on a 2 on 1 in the dying moments.  The goal was disallowed though as the ref keenly spotted it was knocked in with a high stick.  The C-Bros responded only moments later making no mistake on a clear breakaway to tie the game a 2.

The Watchmen were able to recapture the 2 points with only seconds remaining in overtime as JP Merlin Glaves finished off a pass from Wilkinson.  The C-Bros contested fiercely that the puck had hit the netting behind the glass earlier in the play and should have been blown dead.  Complaining that they “just wanted a fair call” seemed a bit ironic after vehemently protesting a high-sticked goaled should have counted.  While the refs’ decision was controversial, they stode by their call and the Watchmen were awarded the win.  It was an unfortunate ending to an otherwise excellent game, and fans will do well to get tickets to this rematch at the end of the season.

The C-Bros who sailed through Division 2 have kept up their impressive pace with a perfect record since being promoted to Division 1, before losing the Watchmen in overtime.

Three Stars

1)      Cory F-Bomb Wilkinson

2)      Matt Yankee Barker

3)      Tim Swiss Cheese Weis


Game Result:  Watchmen 3 vs. C-Bros Bulldogs 2 (OT Win, 7-3-0-0)


10-June-2005 – Watchmen tackle Battalion

EDMONTON – For the first time this season, the Watchmen iced a line-up three lines deep and five d-men on the back-end. Only starting goaler Tim I am so depressed I am going to drag Wilkinson down with me Weis was absent.

There was a nervous anticipation in the dressing room before the game as the boys were psyching themselves up for the formable Battalion offense.

The Watchmen came out hard early and took the game to the opposition. Wilkinson opened the scoring on a nice feed from Barker and used line-mate Ryan Fradette as a decoy.

Perhaps buoyed by the return of Cam Guts Phillips, he and his line-mates Nycholat and Kulmatycki combined for the second and third goals.

A few side stories came to light throughout the game as Preston discovered he has a weight issue as he was picked on relentlessly by the opposition for his "routondness".

While line-mate Nycholat was picked on relentlessly by the coaching staff for his refusing to act like a forward and actually move his feet in a skating motion. Barley a bead of sweat broke as Nycholat ate up ice time with his defensive stride and doing more twirly loopdy loops than Mike Comrie. "maybe if you actually skated like the rest of the forward corps, you would want to come off the ice with your linemates" was one of the more nicer comments made to the Green machine (the fact that he is trying to make the transition from D-man to F-man was not taken into consideration.)

As usual the boys tried to make a game of it and slept through most of the second and the game was 3-2 until Dana "Role model" Grey made it 4-2 on a nice feed from Travis and JP.

Cory why did Weis suck the life out of me? Wilkinson sealed the deal on a empty netter and the Watchmen went on to a 5-2 win to bring their record to 6 and 3 on the season.

Next up for the Watchmen is back-up goaler/Bulldog skater Chris "If anyone from the Watchmen even looks at this guy funny you are cut" Grant, Cory Wilkinson # 2 (or is that # 1?) and the surging 8-0 Bulldogs. Get your tickets early as this is going to be a wild one folks.

Three Stars

1)      Cam Guts Phillips

2)      JP Merlin Glaves

3)      Dana Guru Gray


Game Result:  Watchmen 5 vs. Battalion 2 (Win, 6-3-0-0)



1-June-2005 – Watchmen hammered by Dragons

EDMONTON – Five Watchmen regular players didn’t show up for Tuesday night’s rematch against the Dragons.  The ones who did show up faced a revitalized Dragons squad who took the play to the Watchmen early and pressed them all game. 

The Dragons jumped out to a 2-0 lead in the first 5 minutes of the game.  The Watchmen kept their cool and battled back on tallies from Wilkinson and Blue in the first and second period to bring the game to 2-2 at the end of the second.

The wheels came off the wagon in the 3rd as the Dragons popped in four unanswered goals in the third period to take the game 6-2.  “I don’t know what happened. I thought we were playing a solid two-way game” player-coach Wilkinson was quoted after the game.  “Our goaltender just seemed to stop trying.  He must have been too busy complaining to worry about stopping the puck.  It’s tough when I’m out there busting my ass, and I’m just not getting the effort reciprocated.  I try to be nothing but positive for these guys, and he’s just whining incessantly.  I’ll have a talk with him and sort him out – goalies are a bit dim, but we took care of Barker and Nycholat’s ego problems last year, so we can take care of Weis.  It’s nothing we can’t resolve, it’s not like he’s wearing two different colour socks or anything.”

The Watchmen have a 10-day layoff before lining up against the Battalion Thursday June 9th.


Three Stars

1)      Curtis Warwaruk (Dragons)

2)      Daniel Heesing (Dragons)

3)      Greg Burgess (Dragons)


Game Result:  Watchmen 2 vs. Dragons 6 (Loss, 5-3-0-0)



29-May-2005 – Watchmen hammer Dragons

EDMONTON – The Watchmen light up the lamp 10 times against a Dragons squad that could only muster 8 skaters.

Three Stars

1)      ??? – no reporter present


Game Result:  Watchmen 10 vs. Dragons 3 (Win, 5-2-0-0)


18-May-2005 – Marvelous! 

EDMONTON – Marvin Blue set a new Watchmen record notching 7 points as the Watchmen pounded the Carnage into Division 2.  The Carnage have struggled all summer season despite having a few players who have a nose for the net, they dropped their first 5 decisions including Tuesday night’s tilt against the ERHL institution Watchmen squad.

The Watchmen burst out to a 3-0 lead early on, which based on the previous two matches had been the kiss of death.  However, the Watchmen were able to extend that lead to 4-0 appearing to best the jinx.  The Watchmen did their best to allow the Carnage back into the game giving up a pair of goals before the 2nd period was out and an early one in the third, before Wilkinson-Blue-Kulmatycki connected for 3 goals in a single shift swinging the momentum back to the Watchmen.  The game ended with the score 8-4 in favour of the Watchmen and the Carnage 0-5 on the season in Division 1, who will spend the remainder of the season in Division 2 as they have been swapped for the C-Bros who are 6-0 in Division 2.

Thumbs-up go out to Corwin Honey-Garlic Nycholat for successfully completing his comprehensive exams only hours before the game, and arriving at the game with his playing-face.  Thumbs-down go out to Nycholat for missing the previous game to “study”, but so long as he continues to put up the offensive numbers he has to date, management is willing to over such acts of insubordination. 

Three Stars

1)      Marv One man army Blue

2)      Preston the Kid Kulmatycki

3)      Dr. Honey-Garlic Nycholat


Game Result:  Watchmen 8 vs. Carnage 4 (Win, 4-2-0-0)


19-May-2005 – Awful, simply awful.

EDMONTON – Watchmen sleep through the 2nd and 3rd to hand the FAK a victory after notching a 3-0 in the first period.


Three Stars



Game Result:  Watchmen 3 vs. FAK Red Army 6 (Loss, 3-2-0-0)


18-May-2005 – Weis s#$*’s bed, then shuts door

EDMONTON – Watchmen goaltender Tim Weis got off to a shaky start letting in three of the first 7 shots fired at him Tuesday night against the Battalion, and his squad found themselves down 3-0 less than four minutes into the game.  Things were not looking good for the Watchmen as the Battalion scored on 2 lucky bounces, while their goaltender turned away 5 breakaways by the boys in purple.

The Watchmen kept their heads down and began to chip away at the Battalion’s lead.  Matt Reckless Abandon Barker backhanded in a breakaway pass from Nycholat getting the Watchmen on the board before the period was out.

Although rumours had been swirling about a move back to the point, Corwin Enemy at the Gates Nycholat snipped two goals in the second period on beautiful feeds from Misselbrook and Kulmatycki (earlier Nycholat ditched Nathan Deisman in order to play with Kulmatycki).  Nycholat rounded out his four point night early in the third period by feeding Vlahadamis, who fired a shot through the five-hole to maintain his perfect record of getting a point in each game.

Despite a rough start and an almost comical struggle with his equipment, Weis was able to turn aside the next 33 shots fired at him giving his squad a chance to complete the comeback, and even got in on the offence as he assisted in what would be the final goal of the night scored by Tom Dr. Nisky Jacknisky on a breakaway.

The Watchmen will look to the triumphant return of their spiritual leader Cory F-Bomb Wilkinson tonight who has missed the first 4 games of the season with a pulled muscle, to fill the offensive void that Nycholat will leave as a healthy scratch for tonight’s match against the FAK Red Army.

Three Stars

1)      Corwin Enemy at the Gates Nycholat

2)      Dino It’s just for fun Vlahadamis

3)      Tim Weis


Game Result:  Watchmen 5 vs. Battalion 3 (Win, 3-1-0-0)


13-May-2005 – Watchmen outgunned

EDMONTON – The Watchmen struggled to generate offence and when they did they ran head-long into Battaltion goaltender Mike Butters as they dropped a 5-2 decision Thursday night at K of C Arena.  The Battalion (formerly Team Metro) are last year’s Division I champions and demonstrated their ability to put the puck in the net as the knocked in a 3rd rebound to open the scoring only moments into the 1st period.  The Battalion continued to dominate but couldn’t score until Boychuk finished off a pass from Lakusta on a 2 on 1 late in the 2nd period.  Meanwhile winter scoring leaders Wilkinson and Phillips both on the I.R. watched in dismay from the stands.

The flood didn’t revive the Watchmen, who gave up two more 2 on 1’s and before they knew it the Watchmen trailed 4-0.  Vlahadmis opened the scoring for the Watchmen as he extended his point streak to 3 games, a goal that was quickly answered by another Battalion odd-man rush.  Misselbrook closed out the scoring with minutes to go and the Watchmen lost their first game of the summer season 5-2.

The Watchmen have a chance to avenge the loss Tuesday night when the two teams go head to head a second time.  The Watchmen play back-to-back this week, Wednesday’s game being the scheduled return of Rec Hockey Legend Cory Wilkinson to the Watchmen lineup.

Three Stars

1)      Ryan Lakusta (Battalion)

2)      Nate Moore (Battalion)

3)      Steve Boychuk (Battalion)


Game Result:  Watchmen 2 vs. Battalion 5 (Win, 2-1-0-0)


7-May-2005 – WatchNET reporters under fire

OLD STRATHCONA – Having been slow on the draw to post reports after the first two games, WatchNET staff have come under fire from players, management and fans.  “How am I supposed to check out how the team is doing in my absence?” fallen hero Wilkinson asked.   “How am I supposed to track all the points I’m racking up?” Nycholat added choking down a Tex-Mex wing. “Without the WatchNET no one will believe me.”  Driving the point home Barker was quoted as saying “I don’t know what the hell we are paying his clown for.  If you ask me we should start looking at our options…”


6-May-2005 – Watchmen wake up for the third period to remain undefeated

EDMONTON – J.P. Glaves joined the Watchmen Thursday night to round out there summer squad’s roster.  Incredibly, J.P. is also a natural defenceman, bringing the Watchmen defenders up to a total of 8 out of their 14 skaters.  With Wilkinson still nursing a playoff injury, Glaves joined Deisman, Nycholat and Vlahadamis the Watchmen’s three other defenders turned forwards.

Despite an offensive explosion for 10 goals in their first game, the Watchmen struggled to find the twine in the first two periods against FAK.  The Watchmen did control the better part of the play and midway through the second, and at one point in time were outshooting FAK 24-12, but trailed 1-0 after giving up a goal midway through the first period.

Things looked glum for the Watchmen after FAK took a 2-0 lead on their second two-on-zero of the game.  The Watchmen were resuscitated when Vlahadamis (looking a like a 00/01 Star again) found Coach Gray alone in the slot who broke the FAK tender’s shut out with a low shot to the blocker side.  Simpson, who had been turned aside on a breakaway in the 2nd period made no mistake in the 3rd period scoring back-to-back goals from both sides of the net to tie the game and then give the Watchmen their first lead of the evening.

FAK continued to battle evening up the once lop-sided shots on net, but could not recover their lead.  In the final minute of the game, with the Watchmen short-handed and the Red Army’s goalie pulled, Nycholat picked up the puck after a point blast was turned away by the Watchmen tender and scored an empty net goal from just beyond his own blue line giving him the lead in team goals, while Gray recorded his second 3-point night in a row vaulting him into scoring lead.

The Watchmen have a 2-0 record but will have their work cut out for them as they face the Battalion twice in the next two weeks.

Three Stars

1)      Russ McSimpson

2)      Dana Coach Gray

3)      Tim Swiss Cheese Weis


Game Result:  Watchmen 4 vs. FAK Red Army 2 (Win, 2-0-0-0)


4-May-2005 – Vlahadamis, Nycholat fill net in season opener

EDMONTON – The summer Watchmen took to the ice Tuesday night to face the Carnage, a squad the boys in purple had never faced before.  The Watchmen have 11 of their winter squad players returning for the summer, as well as defender Mitch Flegel on the point who played on the Watchmen’s 2004 summer squad.  Joining this core are Ryan the chemist Fradette up front and Travis Bring Back the Jets Manchur on the point.

Despite the two teams tallying a combined 16 goals, the game was generally unremarkable.  The exceptions were the performances Honey-Garlic Nycholat and Dino It’s Just For Fun Vlahadamis, both of who have moved up to the wing as the Watchmen are flooded with potentially defenders this season.  Both Nycholat and Vlahadamis recorded two goals and two assists as they were in on 7 of the Watchmen’s 10 goals, while Coach Gray quietly notched 3 assists.  Watchmen goaltender Tim Weis looked like he was made of Swiss Cheese as he watched 6 goals sail through him, an indication that he probably should have taken one for the team and not played on his injured knee, like team owner Wilkinson who took in the game from the stands.

Three Stars

1)      Dino It’s Just For Fun Vlahadamis

2)      Corwin Honey-Garlic Nycholat

3)      Dana Coach Gray


Game Result:  Watchmen 10 vs. Carnage 6 (Win, 1-0-0-0)



29-April-2005 – Hope remains

Innsbruck, Austria - 1964 Canadian Olympic hockey team to be honoured with the bronze medal they were robbed of the Olympics more than 40 years ago:

Perhaps the ERHL will review the 2004-05 playoffs and award the Watchmen baseball caps 40 year from now….


26-April-2005 – No time to cry over spilt milk

EDMONTON – The Watchmen have just over a week to lick their wounds and get back on the ice for the summer season.  The Watchmen open the season on May 2nd at 8:10pm against ERHL newcomer “the Carnage”.  The Watchmen find themselves in Division 1 again this year with familiar rivals Team Metro who knocked the Watchmen out of the summer playoffs in the first round last year, and the Dragons who won the Watchmen’s division 2 years ago.  Also in the Div 1 are the FAK Red Army who the Watchmen played against last before being moved up to Div 1, while FAK went on to take the Div 2 title.  The Watchmen are still one player short of a full roster and for the first time in the history of rec hockey are awash with players willing to play D.  It looks like it will be stiff competition this summer, and the Watchmen will need to win a few early to avoid a scramble for the playoffs in July.

Cory F-Bomb Wilkinson

Matt Lindros Barker

Preston The Kid Kulmatycki

Ryan the chemist Fradette
Corwin Honey-Garlic Nycholat

Nathan Deisman
Dana the Pillar Gray

Russ McSimpson

Dino Greek Salad Vlahadamis

Mitch Flegel

Russ Misselbrook 
Travis Manchur
Shaun Mills



Tim Weis






Disclaimer:  The WatchNET is meant to be a light-hearted look at the team and the league.  Please read it with that in mind, no offence is intended – keep in mind very few people in the world will ever read this webpage.  If you have any comments, concerns or corrections please email me.