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25-July-2006 – Congratulations to Russ and Eldyka!

EDMONTON – The Watchmen may not be the winningest team in the league, but they are doing their best to prove to be the most fertile. Jacknisky, Kulmatycki and Weis all lead the charge last year, this year both the Simpson and the Nycholat families had been expecting to contribute to the growing legion of Watchmen fans. It was little Simpson that arrived first, and in the words of her proud father:

Here are the first shots of the newest memeber of the Watchmen fan Club! Kyra Wrenn Sadie Simpson was born July 24th at 7:10 am weighing in at 7 pounds and 8 ounces.    Mommy, Daddy and Big Sister all \doing great.  6 hours of labour with a whopping 6 minutes of pushing.  Hard days work with a great reward.  She is looking forward to meeting you all.

Congratulations to the proud parents – stay tuned Watchmen fans for future procreation announcements!


19-July-2006 – Watchmen come up short

EDMONTON – The Watchmen suited up for the last time on Tuesday night as they dropped the third and deciding game by a score of 4-1 to the Chain Gang to lose the first round playoff series 2-1. The Watchmen appeared to run out of gas at the end of the season, after going 8-2 in the first two months of the season, the Watchmen’s last month saw them post a 3-5 record. The tank appeared particularly empty this evening as the Watchmen were only able to muster 13 shots on net. While it was the Watchmen’s familiar old nemesis that caught up with them – soft clearing the puck in their own zone and give-aways at the opposition blue line that allowed the Chain Gang to tie the game after originally being down 1-0 and eventually take the momentum of the game.

The Watchmen’s short playoff run saw Kulmatycki Sr. as the most consistent performer night-in, night-out, attending all three games and whooping it up in the crowd. Combined with the disappointing numbers put up by the Watchmen players, WatchNET writers’ association has taken the unprecedented move of voting a fan the MVP for the playoffs. Congrats to Kulmatycki Sr. – keep up the good work!

While it was a disappointing finish, the Watchmen have a lot to look forward to in the coming winter season having picked up several new recruits and re-signed a few veterans, including a surprise coming out of retirement Russ Misselbrook to shore up the Watchmen defence. For the first time in memory, the Watchmen have a full roster well before the puck drops in the regular season, and the GM can take a few well-deserved months off to rest and relax before the pressures of training camp and money collecting begins in the fall.

Stay tuned to the WatchNET for the announcement of the Watchmen windup in August, as well as updated player stats and the official unveiling of the 2006-07 roster. The regular season is rumoured to begin the second week of September and the schedules should be posted soon.

Three Stars

1.      Jordan Coles (Chain Gang)

2.      Chase Cunningham (Chain Gang)

3.      Mitch Flegel


Watchmen 1 vs. Chain Gang 4 – Loss (1-2)


18-July-2006 – Chain Gang even it up

EDMONTON – As expected the Chain Gang arrived with full force Monday night to greet an unsuspecting Watchmen squad. The Watchmen got the early jump and generated the early scoring chances but were unable to finish off any and the Chain Gang weather the initial storm. The story of the game would end up being penalties, and it started almost right away when the Watchmen found themselves short-handed, a shot from the point was tipped in to open the scoring. The Chain Gang had two breakaways before the period was out but could not convert on either and the score remainder 1-0 going into the second period.

The Chain Gang spent the better part of the second period in the penalty box thanks in part to an inability to control their stick coupled with an inability to control their tongues, with a dash of inconsistent refereeing. Nonetheless the Chain Gang would score short-handed on their second odd-man rush in the same penalty to make the game 2-0. But the penalties kept piling up and the Watchmen netted 3 unanswered goals, all coming on power plays and two of them coming on 5 on 3s. The period ended with the Watchmen up 3-2.

The Watchmen should have known that the refs would be looking to even it up in the third, and Watchmen gave them the chance to do just that and spending their fair share of time in the box including a 5 on 3 disadvantage. The Chain Gang would eventually even the game up on a delayed penalty call going against the Watchmen. With three minutes left in the game the Chain Gang were sent to the box again giving the Watchmen an opportunity to bury the game and the series, but instead would give up their 5th short-handed break to the Chain Gang, who made no mistake converting their second short-handed goal of the night with less than 2 minutes to go and the game ended 4-3 in favour of the Chain Gang.

The Chain Gang preserved in wild one that saw all seven goals coming from special teams. The two teams face off again right away in a winner takes all event.

Three Stars

1.      game sheet missing


Watchmen 3 vs. Chain Gang 4 – Loss (1-1)


15-July-2006 – Chain Gang hand one to the Watchmen

EDMONTON – The dust had settled on the playoffs standings confusion and the Watchmen were set to hit the ice in their home opener against the Chain Gang Friday night but they didn’t have an opponent to face off against as only 3 members of the Chain Gang were suited up. Over five minutes had ticked off the clock before the Chain Gang had enough bodies for the puck to drop and as per ERHL rules the Watchmen were handed a power play and a 1-0 lead to start the game.

The head start was quickly erased however when the Watchmen tender let in the first shot of the game from the blue line. Apparently the accolades given to him by team management went straight to his head as the 50-footer sailed right through him to even the game at one. The goal came not only as the Chain Gang had successfully killed off their penalty, but also as a few more players quietly trickled on to the bench and it looked as if the Watchmen had possibly blown their chance to quickly seal the deal on what initially looked like a gift-wrapped game. However, Russ Summer Simpson took it upon himself to regain control of the game only a minute later as he restored the Watchmen lead with an unassisted blast from the top of the circles.  Simpson would strike again before the period was out when he looked set to repeat his earlier feat but this time instead of shooting he feathered the pass to a streaking JP Glaves who popped home his second goal in two games, and the Watchmen were up 3-1 at the end of the first.

The Watchmen continued to press and took a 4-1 lead early in the second period when Kevin Phillips finished off a Preston Kulmatycki pass in the slot. Once again when things were looking bleak for the Chain Gang they dowsed the fire and closed the gap by potting a power play goal to make it only a two goal difference with over half of the game left to play. Buoyed by their goal, and in spite of their short bench the Chain Gang pressed the Watchmen and generated several good scoring chances but were not able to beat the Watchmen goaltender before Jeff MacLellan shelved a Mike Starrett drop pass in the dying minute of the period. The goal took the wind out of the Chain Gang’s sails who had been close on several occasions to make it a 4-3 game, were now heading into its final period with the score 5-2.

The Watchmen seized the momentum they had generated and Simpson all but sealed the game he had broken open with his second tape-to-tape pass of the evening this time to Dana Gray, who made no mistake from the doorstep only 20 seconds into the period. Corwin Nycholat would put the final nail in the coffin when he finished off a rush he had started collecting the puck from a goal-mouth scramble at the goal line and threaded a wrist shot into the top shelf. Credit goes out to the Chain Gang however who did not roll over and die however and they made the score 7-3 by potting their second power play goal of the night halfway through the period. They also went on to press for the remainder of the game despite a short and clearly tired bench, and closed the gap in shots to finish trailing only 29 to 33 in that department.

Tempers flared a little near the end of the game, but when the final buzzer sounded the Watchmen were up 1-0 in the best of three series. The Watchmen will take the win, but also know that they will be facing a tougher squad on Monday night who will not only be playing with their backs against the wall, but will also have most of their regular line-up back.

Meanwhile the Dragons also suffered from a short bench Friday night and were only able to dress seven skaters in their opening game against the Thunder. The Thunder took advantage of the situation handing out a decisive 9-1 win to take a 1-0 lead in that series. Both series resume Monday night and unless Garth Brooks or Shania Twain blow into town, it is expected that Chain Gang and the Dragons will have full rosters, so despite two seemingly lop-sided wins neither series is in the books just yet.

Three Stars

1.      Russ Simpson

2.      Dana Gray

3.      JP Glaves


Watchmen 7 vs. Chain Gang 3 – Win (1-0)


14-July-2006 – Watchmen clinch first place on clerical error

EDMONTON – A 10-5 record was good enough to tie to the Watchmen for first spot in Division 1 with the Dragons who also posted 20 points this summer. After The tie-break criteria are wins, head to head record and then goals for/goals against. The Dragons who also earned a 10-5 record this season won the season series 2-1 over the Watchmen (3-1, 4-7, 4-2) and should have therefore claimed the pennant. However, a computer glitch in the ERHL super-network had the final two tie-break criteria backwards, and the Watchmen whose GF/GA tally of 1.5 (88/58) was slightly better than the Dragons’ 1.4 (87/61) ultimately awarded the Watchmen with a first place finish and end up drawing the Chain Gang who also tied in points with 19, but the Thunder had an additional win placing them in 3rd.

The error was picked up after the playoffs schedules were announced, but given the short time-frame to inform players it was decided best to leave the standings alone rather than risk players show up at the wrong time for the wrong game. Given that there is very little to choose between the Chain Gang and the Thunder (or any of the teams in the division this summer) the Dragons and the Watchmen did not protest the mistake and the Watchmen play at 7:45 P.M. this evening. If Watchmen and the Dragons both advance to the finals it will be a hotly debated issue who gets home ice advantage, but until next week that remains an academic question.


13-July-2006 – Watchmen name summer regular season awards

EDMONTON – The winter awards are selected by player votes, but the summer’s short and busy season forces the Watchmen management to make executive, yet undemocratic decisions (even the WatchNET writers’ association does not cast a vote). A day after the Watchmen narrowly secured a playoff berth, team ownership has handed down its decision to the WatchNET staff:

Despite getting a demeaning phone call from player-coach Wilkinson for not participating in the post-game festivities Watchmen ownership has handed this summer’s award to Watchmen goaltender Tim Weis who posted a 9-3 record and a 3.92 GAA. Here’s how it all shook down according to the player-coach:

The Lighthouse* called me on the way home last night to congratulate me and wish us luck on our upcoming Playoff run.


We talked about the MVP for the season and we didn't even have to argue.


I quote "Not only did he have the best GAA in Div.1 but he had the best GAA in the entire league. Tim is a huge reason why we have finished first in the league and has set us up nicely for a long playoff run. Nuff said." 


He then went into a profanity laced tirade about how high priced Nycholat refuses to pass the puck to high priced Wilkinson and wonders why he doesn't just cut the both of them. This, however, is unfit for print.


Way to go Timmy!


Meanwhile the other coveted awards were handed out including Corwin Nycholat’s Don Cherry’s Award for post-game performance, a deal that was neck in neck with Russ Simpson who had an equally impressive post-game percentage but was weaker on the overall numbers after missing 3 games this season. Preston Kulmatycki tied with Cory Wilkinson for the Chris Marsh Memorial scoring title each tallying 23 points.  The George Mallia Iron Man award this year went to a true Iron Man who was the only Watchman to play in all 15 regular season games Dino Vlahadamis.  Luke Moran made his presence felt in his rookie season collecting the Tony van Tol most penalty minutes with 30 minutes averaging just over a minor penalty per game. At the other end of the spectrum, the Ed Jean Memorial for most gentlemanly player was awarded to Russ Simpson a three-time winter season receipent of the award who did not draw a single penalty in the entire season.  Congrats to all the players and to the team for qualifying for the playoffs. They all have a few hours to bask in the glow before the slate is wiped clean and the playoffs begin.

*President of WatchCORP.  For details on the shady character known only as The Lighthouse you’ll have to dig through WatchNET archives.


12-July-2006 – Watchmen back in the playoffs

EDMONTON – The Watchmen only needed a point in one of their last three games to clinch a playoff spot, but dropped the first two forcing them into a do or die situation against the Battalion. The Battalion for their part struggled early on (relatively speaking) but won when it mattered in the stretch to make the last showdown with the Watchmen effectively “round 0” of the playoffs with the winner moving on to round 1 and the loser ending their season.

The Watchmen were without Luke Sugar Ray VanWeiren who was sitting out a one-game suspension. The Watchmen’s goalie was also scratched this evening to nurse a nagging injury, so the Watchmen called on all-star Ice Bears tender Chris Grant to fill in. The Battalion got the jump on the Watchmen though and controlled much of the play in the first period and opened the scoring half way through the first period. The Watchmen settled down in the second period and slowly wrestled control of the game from Battalion. After struggling to get quality scoring chances in the first period the Watchmen began to press in the second but were unable to tie the game. Despite the surge in pressure, the Watchmen were dealt a blow when they found themselves short-handed midway through the second period handing the Battalion an opportunity to take a commanding lead. But it was a forechecking effort by Kevin Phillips only seconds into the Battalion power play that caused a Battalion give away in their own zone that Preston Kulmatycki buried, heeding the advice of his coach. Phillips Jr. would set up Kulmatycki a second time in the final minutes of the period feeding a perfect pass to Preston the Kid in the slot who introduced the puck to the peanut butter.

Understanding the Battalion’s explosive abilities, who boasted four of the league’s top ten scorers, the Watchmen knew that a single goal lead was unlikely going to be good enough, and the Watchmen kept pressing. Russ Summer Simpson was set up by Dino Greek Salad Vlahadamis and Preston the Kid to extend the Watchmen lead on a powerplay. While a 3-1 lead is the most precarious in hockey, it only lasted four minutes as Vlahadmis sprung Dana Guru Gray who raced in on a two-on-one and popped a flying saucer pass that would have made Gretz proud over the Battalion’s defenseman’s stick and onto the stick of a streaking JP Glaves who rung it around the bottom of the net so quickly that there was initially some confusion as to whether or not it went in. The Battalion were not about to roll over though as they responded only a minute later to cut the lead to two goals.

But the Watchmen would hang on thanks in large part to some huge gloves saves by Ice Bear Grant and would bury their opponent when Jeff Snooker MacLellan banked the puck off the boards in Watchmen zone and it travelled the length of the ice in slow motion and seemed have eyes as it found the back. The long distance goal secured a Watchmen victory and eliminated the Battalion from the post-season. Meanwhile on the other side of town, the Dragons split their two game series with the Chain Gang ending the season with only two points separating first place from last place in the division. The Watchmen draw the Chain Gang in the first round set to kick off on Friday.

The Watchmen finish the regular season tied for the most points in the division, while having the second fewest goals scored, yet giving the fewest up and also spending the least amount of time in the penalty box. The Watchmen will announce the executive decision’s regular season MVP tomorrow – right here… stay tuned!

Three Stars

1.      Preston Kulmatycki

2.      Kevin Phillips

3.      Chris Grant


Battalion 2 vs. Watchmen 5 – Win (10-5-0)


11-July-2006 – Watchmen come up a goal short… again.

EDMONTON – With the top division teams combining for just enough wins and losses to keep the entire division within 2 points going into the final games for each team this week. The Thunder needed a win to stay alive and came out blazing finding an unmarked man in the slot only 9 seconds into the game to open the scoring. Only moments later the Watchmen defence were parted and the Thunder had themselves a 2 goal lead. Despite a rough start the Watchmen regained their composure when Preston Kulmatycki’s how’s-she-going, top-shelf combo cut the lead in half before the end of the period.

The Watchmen had a strong second period and were able to take the lead thanks to goals from Jeff MacLellan and Kevin Phillips, and a flashing of the leather by the Watchmen tender. Tensions and stakes were high in the third period though, and penalties were handed out left, right and centre. The Thunder took advantage of their first powerplay of the period when a funny rebound was collected off the back boards and stuffed in for a wrap-around to tie the game, and then sprung a breakaway only moments later to retake the lead. Cam Phillips would capitalize on a Watchmen powerplay that was set up perfectly from Wilkinson and Nycholat to tie the game. A point would have been important for the Watchmen this evening, they were sensing a chance to take 2 on a power play with only 4 minutes to go, but instead they conceded their 3rd breakaway goal of the evening, this time short-handed handing the Thunder a 5-4 victory. The win was marred with a few ugly incidents as the game got out of hand, that were compounded by some bizarre/random calls against or not against both teams and at both ends. The frustrations boiled over a few times, into one bone fide fight (that heard cheers quickly go from “take-him-out, take-him-out!” to “break-it-up, break-it-up!” as Luke Van Weiren unleashed some fury), a pushing incident that somehow, defying the laws of physics and reason ended up with both players being handed fighting penalties, and one classless sucker punch by a third man in who seemed to think he was protecting his own guy, but in fact was cold-cocking a Watchmen who had been hit from behind onto the Thunder player in front of the net. Despite the interesting decisions on the ice, it was certainly not one-sided and the Watchmen have only themselves to blame for not salvaging the game in which they had made an impressive come-back.

The win vaults the Thunder from last place into first, and dumps the Watchmen into last place going into the final games of the season. The Chain Gang has a rematch against the Dragons, while the Watchmen square off against the Battalion. The Watchmen are likely to lose most of the tie breakers against the other squads and will therefore need a win to ensure they see any post-season action this summer. The Battalion are in the same situation and so effectively the playoffs start Wednesday night for these two teams.

Three Stars

1.      Eric Forton (Thunder)

2.      Cam Phillips

3.      Tim Weis


Note: #3 deserved the first star until he embarrassed himself taking off his helmet and gloves to challenge the entire bench like a lobotomized orangutang.


Watchmen 4 vs. Thunder 5 – Loss (9-5-0)


7-July-2006 – Watchmen blow chance to clinch playoff spot

EDMONTON – With three games remaining the Watchmen needed only a win in one of their final three games to clinch a playoff berth in a division where 2 points separates first from last place thanks to some division shuffling. The Chain Gang, who were in need of a win as much as anyone else in the league drew upon a list of subs to fill their line-up and it paid off early on as they scored back-to-back goals in the opening frame.

The flood between the first two frames combined with some aroma-therapy curtosy of Luke Moran, allowed the Watchmen to settle down and regroup in the second to cut the lead in half when Vlahadamis finished off a nice set up from Nycholat and Wilkinson. The rebound was cut short thanks to five straight penalties that were handed to the Watchmen, including a five on three advantage which the Chain Gang used to restore their 2 goal lead. The barrage of calls against the Watchmen knocked them off their stride, but they were able to weather the storm, and MacLellan brought the game to within one finishing off a rebound on a Kulmatycki blast.

The final period was hard fought and despite many scoring chances the Chain Gang were looking to hang on to their one-goal led. But Vlahadamis would tie the game up with his second on the night again with the helper going to Wilkinson. The Chain Gang upped the pressure with 6 minutes remaining and the Watchmen tender was unable to step up to the task and with five minutes on left on the clock and unmarked Chain Gang forward powered a shot into the cage. Despite some end of game pressure, the Watchmen could not tie the game again and the buzzer ended handing the Watchmen their fourth loss of the season.

It was a tough loss for the Watchmen who made a valiant comeback not only to overcome their slow start, but also to overcome the calls particularly in the second period and an offensively geared Chain Gang. With the win the Chain Gang pull even with the Watchmen with 18 points and two games remaining – both of which are against the now last place Dragons. Meanwhile the Watchmen play both of their final two games next week against the Thunder and the Battalion. While the Watchmen still only need a win to clinch a berth, they only have 2 games to do it and with every team still a playoff contender no team can be taken lightly.

Three Stars

1.      Chain Gang mystery player 15

2.      Dino Vlahadamis

3.      Chain Gang mystery player 18


Watchmen 3 vs. Chain Gang 4 – Loss (9-4-0)


30-June-2006 – Watchmen win OT shoot ‘em up

EDMONTON – An early start combined with a rash of suspensions limited the Battalion’s line-up to only 2 lines and 3 defencemen compared to a full squad dressed by the Watchmen. While at first glance this would appear to favour the Watchmen, but it is common in rec league to quickly slip into shinny mode when you think you have the game in the bag and tonight was no exception.

Things looked particularly grim for the Battalion who had only 6 skaters suited up when the puck dropped, and only 5 helmets to share amongst them. Nonetheless, they drew first blood firing a shot from the point only 2 minutes into the game that bounced off of the behind of one of the men in front of the net and into the top shelf giving them a one goal lead. The Watchmen responded however with two goals of their own from Wilkinson and Starett who each drew assists on each others tallies while Girard assisted on both. Despite the early scare the Watchmen looked to have taken the reigns and when Preston Kulmatycki was handed a penalty shot it was looking like it might a blow out. However, by the time the penalty shot failed the Battalion players slowly trickled into the game. The Watchmen quickly learned they were taking their lead for granted when the Battalion scored twice in less than a minute both by Patrick Ondrisik who popped in two screen shots in a row and the momentum was back on the side of the Battalion who now had enough bodies to actually take shifts. But the surge was brought to a halt when Nycholat made a 4 line pass to from behind his own goal line to a streaking Russ Simpson who popped in a backhander to tie the game at three heading into the second period, and both teams knew this was going to be a battle ‘til the end.

The Watchmen caught a break early in the second period with power defenceman Luke Moran sitting in the box feeling shame for slashing when Kulmatycki popped in a short-handed goal on a rebound from Kevin Phillips and the Watchmen were back on top. The lead would evaporate though when Watchmen goaltender Weis miscommunicated with this defencemen by playing a puck he should have covered, handing a funny bounce to the Battalion and a second wind. The Battalion took advantage of their good fortune scoring a very nice goal from the slot and suddenly it was the Watchmen who were playing catch-up again. The Watchmen would respond however when Cam Phillips tucked in a wrap-around goal assisted by Corwin Nycholat who had also assisted on the previous two Watchmen tallies, and just like the first period, the second ended in a draw and the zamboni took to the ice with the score 5-5.

Despite a wild two periods, the third looked like it was going to be played tighter as both teams shored up their own zones a little better, and neither team could find the back of the net for the opening 7 minutes of play until Ondrisik completed his hat trick on a shot from the lower circle giving the Battalion their fourth lead of the night. It was looking like this lead might be enough until Kulmatycki finished off his second rebound from Phillips Jr. to tie the game at the five minute mark and Chris Girard would give the Watchmen their third lead of the night when he roofed a shot over the goalers short side. As the lead had changed hands seven times with neither team holding a lead for more than four minutes it seemed inevitable when the Battalion tied the game up with only 25 seconds left on the clock when Ondrisik capped his 4-goal, 5-point night sending the game into OT.

While the Battalion will be able to take consolation in the fact that they battled very hard with a short bench and continually fought back to ultimately earn a point for forcing an overtime, they would lose the game less than a minute into OT. Again it was Girard who netted his second of game both of which were assisted by line-mates Wilkinson and Starett, handing two points in the standings to Watchmen.

The win was far from pretty, but the Watchmen proved that they could score if necessary when their goaltender wasn’t able to keep the puck out of his net. In addition to finding their scoring hands, the Watchmen bounced back several times to avoid letting the game slip away when they had lost the momentum. And while an outright win would have been better, the 2 points are important for the Watchmen as the regain a tenuous hold on first place, but find themselves only 4 points from the basement with 3 games left in the season. The Watchmen will need at least one more win to secure a playoff spot and two of their last three to clinch without any help from other teams in the league.

Three Stars

1.      Patrik Ondrisik (Battalion)

2.      Chris Girard

3.      Cory Wilkinson


Play of the Game Hard Hat: Corwin Nycholat hail Mary pass to Summer Simpson

Watchmen 8 vs. Battalion 7 – Win-OT (9-3-0)


28-June-2006 – Dragons fell Watchmen in rematch

EDMONTON – The Watchmen took to the ice Tuesday night in a rematch against the mighty Dragons squad with the season series on the line having split the first two games. The Watchmen were without veteran defenceman Corwin Nycholat and long-time goaltender Tim Weis both of who were healthy scratches for this evening’s game for suggesting that the Jets will likely never return to Winnipeg by player-coach Wilkinson. Ironically Wilkinson was also sitting out the game because of a one game suspension handed to him by the league for an altercation in final period the last time these two teams met. The Watchmen were without several other players including Mike Starett and Dana Gray, the latter who is still on his leave of absence to grieve for the Oilers. The shortage apparently hurt the Watchmen who were 3 wins away from clinching a playoff berth going into the game.

Ice Bears star goaltender Chris Grant stepped up to the task and despite posting a respectable .886 save percentage, clearly was not contributing offensively like the Watchmen have come to rely on their goaltender. The lack of offence from the pipes defused the Watchmen’s scoring who despite mustering 30 shots were only able to pot 2 goals, 5 less from their previous performance less than a week ago. Either that, or the Dragons rebounded from their previous effort, in part bolstered by the return of league-leading scoring machine Curtis Warwaruk, to hand the Watchmen their first lose since May 15. Without any reporters at the game or guest reporters willing to step up it will remain a matter of speculation for years to come.

If there is one thing that the Watchmen have learned is that opposing teams never seem capable of lending a hand in their quest to make the playoffs, and despite the Dragons bouncing back against the Watchmen, they went on to drop their next game to the Thunder keeping the division tight going into the remaining two weeks of the regular season with all 5 teams still able to make the playoffs.

Three Stars

1.      no reporters present to cast official votes


Play of the Game Hard Hat: n/a

Dragons 4 vs. Watchmen 2 - Loss (8-3-0)


24-June-2006 – Watchmen move into first place

EDMONTON – With the season officially 2/3rds over the Watchmen needed to keep their sites set on the playoffs going into Friday night’s game. The match-up saw them pitted against the Dragons, one of the strongest teams in the division, who had handed the Watchmen one of their two losses this season in the division’s opening match.

The Watchmen added Mike Walker to the line-up for the game after exercising their player exchange option with the Force franchise to whom they had lent the goaltender Tim Weis twice in the winter season. The Watchmen however, not fully ready to welcome him into their ranks forced him to wear a Mighty Ducks jersey in a hazing ritual that is under league investigation for unnecessary cruelty. The tabloids couldn’t help but speculate on possible trade rumours citing Walker family concerns about continuing to play with the legendary Force squad. Hockey commentator Al Strachan has suggested playing in the shadow of ERHL legends like Lewis and Laurin is tough on Walker’s ego who apparently likes to be the fan favourite and that he may be able to grab more of the spotlight with a move to the Watchmen who are looking for a shake-up after failing to make the winter playoffs. Despite their winter season woes, the Watchmen’s summer season was on a 6 game winning streak when the puck dropped Friday night. The Watchmen also added Ice Bear Gary Oikawa to the line-up for the second game in a row to round out the roster to fill in for Dana Gray who is on an extended period of mourning following the Oilers near miss this year.

The Watchmen opened the scoring at the halfway mark of the first period on a perfect tick-tack-toe play from Nycholat to Kulmatycki was finished off by Cam Phillips. “Just goes to show what great things can happen when you pass the puck” player-coach Wilkinson noted. The Watchmen continued to press as Jeff MacLellan finished off a solo effort less than a minute later giving the Watchmen a two-goal lead. The Dragons responded with three minutes to go in the period when Tyler Bentley picked the top corner on a breakaway sending the game into the second period and a much needed ice scrape with the score 2-1. MacLellan would restore a two-goal lead with a little help from Glaves four minutes into the period and just after the Watchmen finished killing off their first penalty of the evening. The lead would be further expanded on what would become a controversial goal when the referee correctly waved off an icing call being made by his partner after the Dragons goalie left his crease to play the puck. The tender was subsequently stripped off puck which found its way onto the tape of Russ Simpson who was going for a line change but opted to bury the puck once he found it squirt loose. While the call was in fact correct, it did not sit well with the Dragons’ tender who let the refs know between periods. The extended theatrical display apparently rattled the referees who had called a good tight game up to that point would make an effort to exert control in the final period handing out twice as many penalties in the final frame as they did in the first two combined.

However, it was not the Watchmen’s sojourns to the box that would cost them this evening, rather it was three failed clearing attempts from their own zone. The repeated turnovers resulted in 3 Dragons goals in a span of four minutes that was interspersed with a Watchmen tally when Kulmatycki roofed a shot from the slot and what appeared to be a commanding 4-1 Watchmen lead suddenly became a tumultuous 5-4 with four minutes to go and new life suddenly injected in the Dragons’ side. But just as Kulmatycki had interrupted the Dragons initial burst, MacLellan would finish off his hat-trick sniping a short handed shot to cool the Dragons’ comeback attempt. Wilkinson was not finished after setting up the MacLellan goal though as he got into his annual mix-up with three minutes left on the clock that somehow saw 5-minute fighting majors handed out to each team with an extra 4 to Wilkinson giving the Dragons one last chance to tie the game with a powerplay to last the remainder of the game. Things went from bad to worse when a Watchmen defender was dealt a 5-on-3 penalty on a call that is beyond comment. Despite the disadvantage, the Watchmen penalty killers would execute their job to perfection when Nycholat dangled the puck laying the bait for an even-up call that a Dragon walked right into. The Watchmen found themselves 5-on-3 again however when the Dragons pulled their goalie with a minute left and a face-off deep in the Watchmen zone.

The Dragons called a time-out to discuss strategy, a plan that would ultimately backfire as Kulmatycki and Moran conceived of a bold penalty-killing strategy to spring a breakaway attempt on the empty net. When the puck was eventually dropped Kulmatycki punched it forward and Moran had left the gates streaking for the far point. With seven players on the ice moving one direction and the puck and Moran moving the other, a bewildered Dragons squad could only watch in shock as play worked to perfection and Moran skated the length of the ice unmolested to slide home a short-handed empty net goal and finish the game on a play that will surely go down in Watchmen post-game wings and Greek salad lore for years to come. The two points also vault the Watchmen from fourth to first place in the division with five games left in the season. The standings are still tight however and a rematch between these two squads is only days away and with two of the five remaining games against last year’s silver medalists the Battalion mean that the Watchmen are by no means in a secure position just yet.

While the Watchmen played well and probably deserved the victory, the Dragons were without their league leading scorer Curtis Warwaruk and their second leading goal scorer Sean Gagnon, both of whom are averaging close to 2 goals per game and so when these two teams face off again early next week in their third and final meeting of the regular season the outcome is anything but certain.

Three Stars

1.      Jeff MacLellan

2.      Preston Kulmatycki

3.      Luke Moran


Play of the Game Hard Hat: Jeff MacLellan for the team’s 6th and his 3rd goal of the night

Dragons 4 vs. Watchmen 7 - Win (8-2-0)


23-June-2006 – Watchmen keep rolling

EDMONTON – The Watchmen’s Monday night game was rescheduled as the ERHL scrubbed the entire night’s action to allow players, refs and rink rats to take in an exciting, but ultimately disappointing game 7. The change in plans resulted in the Watchmen playing their first of what would be back to back games this week against the newly arrived Thunder. Despite having a 6-2 record going into the game, the Watchmen are still struggling to ensure a post-season berth as the entire division has impressive records thanks to division reshuffling, and so every game is key for the remainder of the season.

The Thunder came out strong but were not able to score thanks in large part to a solid defensive effort that would continue throughout the night by the Flegel-Glaves-Moran-Nycholat foursome. At the same time the Watchmen were also unable to score and the period wound up 0-0. The scoring drought would end early in the second period when Russ Simpson sniped his first on a centring pass from Nycholat after only 1 minute of play. Kulmatycki would follow suit hammering home a failed Cam Phillips wrap-around attempt and the Watchmen were up 2-0, 90 seconds into the period. The Thunder responded when they tapped in a loose puck on a powerplay goalmouth scramble to cut the lead in half.  Kulmatycki  restored the two goal lead finishing off another play from his wing-man Cam Phillips. The lead would be extended to 3 when Vlahadamis threaded the needle to Simpson who was left alone on the doorstep and made no mistake tallying his second of the night.

Phillips Jr. popped in a Kulmatycki rebound early in the third period and the Watchmen started to pull away. While the shots on goal were fairly close all night, the Watchmen were able to control the play for the better part of the game, notably frustrating the Thunder when they were trying to leave their own zone, and thwarting most of their scoring chances in the other end. The Thunder were able to find the back of the net once final frame, but Simpson would answer this goal with his third of the evening capping the game’s scoring at a score of 6-2. The Watchmen will not have too much time to enjoy their victory though as they are up against mighty Dragons tomorrow night at 11:15pm.

Three Stars

1.      Russ Simpson

2.      Preston Kulmatycki

3.      Cam Phillips

Thunder 2 vs. Watchmen 6 - Win (7-2-0)


13-June-2006 – Watchmen make it 5 in a row

EDMONTON – The Chain Gang spent the first half of the summer season in Division 2, where apparently their antics made them few friends; evidenced by the fact that Blue Jackets laughed off the suggestion of lending them a goalie when the Gang’s tender failed to show up. The Chain Gang were able to rent a goalie just in time for the game but only after the zamboni scrape was moved up in between the warm-ups and the first period and 5 minutes had ticked off the clock. When the game finally did get underway the Watchmen only needed 41 seconds to find the back of the net when Russ Simpson finished off a beautiful set up from Luke Moran. Having taken one shot the Watchmen were up 2-0 thanks to an automatic goal that was awarded due to the Chain Gang goalie delay. In spite of the deficit, the Chain Gang went on to demonstrate why they got moved up into Division 1 as they pressed hard, only to find that the Watchmen goalie was up to the task this evening, keeping a clean sheet going into the second period despite being classlessly run into the net midway through the period.

Both teams had their chances in the second period but could not be hot goaltenders in either end. With five minutes left in the period the Watchmen’s power play would break the stalemate when Dino Vlahadamis knocked in a JP Glaves rebound giving the Watchmen a 3-0 lead.  The Chain Gang tried to respond mustering up a short-handed break away that was turned aside and the offensive combination of Weis to Flegel found a streaking Cam Phillips who made a pretty back-hand, finishing off a play that could have made the score 3-1, instead of 4-0. The Watchmen’s offensive outburst continued when Vlahadamis tallied his second goal of the night off a superb setup from Kulmatycki. The Chain Gang would bring the Watchmen goalie’s shut-out to an end with just over two minutes remaining in the period when a funny bounce from behind the net found its way into the slot. Girard would neutralize the Chain Gang’s only goal when he popped in a rebound on a drive from the point by Luke Moran early in the third period.

The Chain Gang began to show signs of frustration, and a five-goal deficit probably didn’t help their demeanour any as they lost control of themselves when the Watchmen went after a fishing for a loose puck in the crease that was not blown down. A scuffle ensued without major incident but did see several players from both squads hit the showers early. Another dance took place as the seconds wound off of the clock, but the final buzzer sounded handing the Watchmen their 5th straight win despite being out shot by their opponent. The Chain Gang are certainly a talented team; missing their number one scorer and their regular goaltender probably did not help them on this evening, but they certainly could be a force to be reckoned with as the season winds down. The Watchmen face another tough test Monday night when they will have to choose whether or not to watch Game 7 of the Stanley Cup finals or try to avenge their lose to the first place Dragons.

Three Stars

1.      Tim Weis

2.      Luke Moran

3.      Dino Vlahadamis

Watchmen 6 vs. Chain Gang 1 - Win (6-2-0)


8-June-2006 – Watchmen power play 5 for 5 as they down Battalion

EDMONTON – Racking up 3 straight wins was a good step for the Watchmen, but the squad knew that they were in for a tougher battle Wednesday night against their old rivals the Battalion with whom they battled last year for the summer crown. The Battalion had a strong start to the season but had dropped three games in a row going into Wednesday night’s match-up, so they would be out looking for a win.

The Watchmen took to the ice without defenseman JP Glaves, and face-off specialist Dana Gray who had “better things to do” than play hockey on a Wednesday evening. The voids were filled by winter-Watchmen veteran toe-drag Girard who joined Wilkinson and Starett up front, while rookie sensation Jeff MacLellan made the fatal mistake of mentioning that he played defence before joining the Watchmen, one evening at Mr. Cherry’s house, thus earning him a shot on the point. Both players quickly settled into their roles as the Watchmen came out hard.

The Battalion are the most penalized team in the league, and it only took them three minutes for them to draw their first penalty, a move that would prove costly as the game wore on. It took the Watchmen exactly one minute of power play time before Mike Starett finished off a tick-tack-toe passing play from Wilkinson and Nycholat that started all the way back at their own goal line. Starett would get his second of the night four minutes later again from Wilkinson and again on the power play when the Battalion got caught with six men on the ice. The two goals would stand going into the second period thanks to some strong play by the Watchmen’s defensive core.

The Battalion would battle back to tie the game however scoring back-to-back goals in a just over a minute, and it looked like the Battalion had finally solved the Watchmen goalie who had shut them down for the first half of the game. But Weis would demonstrate that he was shutting the door again as he flashed the leather on a shot from the top of the circles, and it was the Watchmen who scored next to regain the lead when Chris toe-drag Girard, who also assisted on the previous Watchmen goal, finished off a play from Starett and Wilkinson, on what would be the Watchmen’s only even strength goal of the night. The Watchmen drew another penalty before the period was out, and Girard was able to open some ice by drawing two attackers to himself at the neutral zone boards and feed a perfect pass to Wilkinson who found a streaking Nycholat in the slot to bury the puck and restore the Watchmen’s 2 goal lead, capping four straight assists for Wilkinson, while Girard was somehow not rewarded with an official assist for one of the season’s nicest passes.

After netting a two-on-one goal, Nycholat would try for another early in the 3rd period, leaving Russ Simpson holding the fort on defence for a two-on-one in the other direction and the Battalion made it clear that they were not out of this game yet. Having not learned their lesson, the Battalion took two more penalties in the final period, and again the Watchmen would capitalize on each, as MacLellan and Simpson set up Vlahadamis and combined again to set up Cam Phillips five minutes later completing a 100% success rate on the PP, and taking a 6-3 lead in the game (but not before Kulmatycki would ensure the Battalion goalie was not crowding the batters’ box with some 2-on-0 chin music). The Battalion did score again in the final minute of play, but the buzzer would sound with the score 6-4 in favour of the Watchmen.

The Watchmen have now won 4 games in a row, but still find themselves hanging on for the final playoff spot as the Chain Gang and the Thunder have both moved up from Division 2 with impressive 7-2 records. The summer season is already halfway over, and the boys will need to keep rolling to hang on for another shot at the post-season.

Three Stars

1.      Cory Wilkinson

2.      Tim Weis

3.      Mike Starett

Battalion 4 vs. Watchmen 6 - Win (5-2-0)


5-June-2006 – Watchmen make it three in a row

EDMONTON – Fresh off a whooping of the Swashbucklers the Watchmen were looking to stick it to the Beavers for a second time in a fortnight. The last time these two teams met the Watchmen walked away with a 7-2 victory, one that probably flattered with Watchmen a little as it was a closer game than the 5-goal spread would indicate.  Bearing this in mind the Watchmen did not take anything for granted and came out guns a-blazing.  While the guns were going off, they were not finding their way into the back of the net (or even on net for that matter), and in spite of dominating the play the Watchmen were kept at bay on the score sheet. The Watchmen did start to get it in gear midway through the first period and took a 2-0 lead, a lead that was temporarily extended until the senior referee (and the one standing outside the blue line) overrode his partner to disallow the Watchmen’s 3rd buzzer beating goal. The puck could be heard to clang off the iron on the back of the net before the buzzer went, clearly indicating it was not only across the line, but off the back of the net before the buzzer, but this seemed to carry little weight.

Unphased, the Watchmen scored their fourth goal to make it 3-0 early in the second period to take a strangle hold on the game (I mean, no one blows a 3-0 lead do they?). The Watchmen had yet another goal disallowed when Luke Moran rushed in and was tripped by the Beavers’ defenders who collided with the goalie knocking the net off after the puck slide in. Another questionable call did not have a big impact on the game, but did annul the Watchmen tender’s point streak at two games who would have assisted on goal. Moments later, Corwin Nycholat would roof a wrist shot from the point to keep the Watchmen’s offensive outburst a-rollin’.

The Watchmen gave up a goal in the third, but otherwise continued to roll tallying another four markers before the game was out. The Watchmen face a big test next game when they square off against last year’s finalists the Battalion, who despite struggling in the past few games have 5 of the league’s top 10 scorers.

Three Stars

1.      Corwin Nycholat

2.      Jeff MacLellan

3.      Cory Wilkinson

Watchmen 8 vs. Beavers 1 - Win (4-2-0)


26-May-2006 – Pep-talk inspires Watchmen

EDMONTON – Eager to avenge their second loss of the season, and determined not to lose a second time to a team that has already received its relegation papers to Division 2, the Watchmen hit the ice hard on Wednesday night jumping out to a 3 goal lead. Much like the first time these two teams met, the Watchmen controlled for the most part the play deep in the opposition end and the Watchmen drew first blood jumping out to a 3 goal lead. However, also much like the first game careless play in their own end and at the opposite blue line allowed their opponents right back into the game as the Watchmen gave up 2 goals in the last minute of the period.

Wanting to make sure his team did not repeat the flop that occurred the last time these two teams met, goaltender Weis took it upon himself to issue a stern pep-talk to the boys between periods. The lecture seemed to work, as only moments into the 2nd period Kevin Phillips wired a wrist shot into the top shelf. The goal swung the momentum back towards the Watchmen bursting the scoring floodgates as they tallied 7 unanswered goals to take a 10-2 lead. As goals began to slide in it was inevitable that the desire to pad stats would be too tempting as backchecking quickly became a thing of the past, and own-zone cross-ice passes quickly became commonplace. I was almost inevitable that despite the formidable led, that the Watchmen would allow their opponents several freebies and the Swashbucklers managed to tally 2 goals in the final minute for a second straight period.

The teams traded goals in the last frame that was otherwise more or less uneventful. After the game, the Swashbucklers will join the FAK Red Army in Division 2 leaving the Watchmen to make sure that they don’t repeat the sloppy habits they picked up in this blow-out.

But a win is a win and the Watchmen will take this one. Despite the two points the Watchmen were handed the bad news that after bursting onto the scene, Watchmen rookie scoring sensation Rocky Eldridge will be out for the summer season after suffering a broken arm as part of his intensive dry land training regime.

Three Stars

1.      Dino Vlahadamis

2.      Corwin Nycholat

3.      Kevin Phillips

Swashbucklers 5 vs. Watchmen 11 - Win (3-2-0)


19-May-2006 – Beavers pounded

EDMONTON – The Watchmen picked up where they left off earlier this week, and 30 seconds into the game gave up a break-away and a goal on the very first shot. The Watchmen did not panic however, and moments later the Phillips brothers would connect to tie the game at 1, when Kevin sprung Cam on a break who made a picture-perfect move to shelf the disc, setting the stage for Rocky Eldridge to take control of the game. In a nine-minute stretch spanning the first and second periods, Eldridge would rack up a hat-trick and assist a Jeff MacLellan marker, vaulting the Watchmen to a 5-1 lead. Eldridge’s hat trick capper was assist by Flegel and Weis, both of whom would collect an assist on the Watchmen’s next goal when Cam Phillips notched his second of the night, before Preston Kulmatycki would cap the Watchmen’s 7 unanswered goal tear. The Beavers would however bookend the Watchmen’s offensive explosion to make it 7-2 before the period was out.

The Beavers did try to rally in the final frame after shedding a few tears to the referees, but were kept at bay by the Watchmen goaltender who was desperate to redeem himself after a shaky performance earlier this week. The 3rd period would end scoreless for both teams and the shot count of 30-27 would only slightly favour the Watchmen who found their finishing hands on this night.  Despite the final score the Beavers are not a team to be taken lightly by the Watchmen when the two face-off for a rematch only 2 weeks from today.

Three Stars

1.      Rocky Eldridge

2.      Tim Weis

3.      Jeff MacLellan

Beavers 2 vs. Watchmen 7 - Win (2-2-0)


16-May-2006 – Watchmen goalie stinks it up

EDMONTON – The Watchmen dominated the Swashbucklers on Monday night but seemed incapable of keeping the puck out of their own net, thanks in large part to a flurry of breakaways by the opportunistic Swashbucklers, and the Watchmen goalie’s inability to stop any of them.

Both teams traded the lead several times throughout the game and right up until the last minute when the Wilkinson tied it for the Watchmen with 15 seconds left on the clock, only to have the Swashbucklers march right down and score 10 seconds later to take the game. Despite dominating the shots on the net by a 2:1 margin, the Watchmen dropped their second game of the season by a score of 8-7.

Three Stars

1.      Taylor McReynolds (Swashbucklers)

2.      Cory Wilkinson

3.      Rocky Eldridge

Swashbucklers 8 vs. Watchmen 7 - Loss (1-2-0)


11-May-2006 – Watchmen win shoot ‘em up

EDMONTON – 11 loyal Watchmen dragged themselves away from the television to take on the FAK Red Army with the Oilers season on the line. The Watchmen welcomed to the line-up Rocky Eldridge and Jeff MacLellan, both of whom made their presence known on the wing almost immediately, putting GM Wilkinson in the running for exec. of the year. The Watchmen also welcomed back JP Glaves to the Watchmen fold after his rookie-of-the-year candidate performance with the Ice Bears this winter.

Despite the new blood, the Watchmen came out a little flat giving up the first two goals of the game in the first period. The play settled down a little and despite the shot clock the seemingly counting every other shot in both ends, both goalies were able to keep their opponents at bay. But the flood gates were burst open by Rocky Eldridge who popped home his first Watchmen career goal with six minutes remaining in the period. The Watchmen were suddenly back in the game, when a bizarre incident unfolded. Watchmen blueliner Luke Killer Moran clipped an FAK Army forechecker splitting his lip open as he was trying to lift his stick over the pursuant. He was handed a 4-minute penalty yet as he was apologizing to the injured player, an FAK Army player skated in and popped Moran from behind to earn himself a 2-minute minor. Instead of leaving it there, as Moran was sitting in the box, a dumb guy jumps into the box to attack him.  Impressively the attacker tripped over his own feet on the way in and not only looked like a spaz, but also earned himself 4 minutes to annul the initial penalty and a gross penalty as a third man in. And just like that, despite the FAK blood on the ice, the Watchmen incredibly ended up with a 5 on 3 power play.  Perhaps the Watchmen felt a little bad about the bizarre incident so they decided to mount one of he worst 5 on 3 power plays in the history of hockey, with the only scoring chance actually happening on the own net when the Watchmen tender goofed handling the puck behind the goal line. However, with the minor expired, Dino Vlahadamis back-handed in a lose puck to tie the game at 2. The Army were not about to roll over though, as they reclaimed the lead on a power play with less than a minute left in the period. The Watchmen would finish the period down a goal and down a man as Jeff MacLellan managed to snap a blade off of one of his skates sidelining him for the remainder of the game.

While it took 35 minutes to tally the first 5 goals of the game, the final 10 minutes of play would see 8 more. The Watchmen opened the scoring at the five minute mark of the final period when Vlahadamis would hit a streaking Wilkinson with a golden pass, who made a dandy finish to tie the game a second time. A minute and a half later, Mike Starett would give the Watchmen their first lead of the night. The lead would be short lived though as the FAK Army responded almost immediately to tie the game at 4.  The wheels would come off the defensive wagon in both ends as the final 5 minutes of play would see more than a goal a minute. Fortunately for the Watchmen it would be Vlahadamis who would score two of them to complete his hat-trick, and Rocky Eldridge who would finish the night with a second marker that what would prove to be the game-winner as the teams traded goals until the final buzzer.

While the win was fairly ugly, an ugly win was something that the Watchmen were unable to do all winter season long, and so it can be seen as a positive turn, particularly given the absence of several regulars. Nonetheless the Watchmen will have to dig a little deeper and a little earlier in the game as they take on the Swashbucklers twice in their next 3 games, and the highly ranked Beavers.

The Watchmen troop headed out to catch the final frame of the Oilers/Sharks match well into its second overtime period. It was a sad, sad day for Mr. Cherry’s who had closed their doors turning away some of their most faithful customers. All was not lost however, as BP’s was willing to accommodate the post-game regulars who not only saw Horcoff win the game for the Oil, but also an unexpected surprise saw Wilkinson draw a name out of a hat to take a lucky Watchmen to game 4 vs. the Sharks. As Weis would find out, it pays to play for the Watchmen… and to take the post-game action seriously, and not call in tired – right Girard?

Three Stars

1.      Dino Scorin’ Machine Vlahadamis

2.      Rocky Eldrigde

3.      Cory Wilkinson

FAK Red Army 6 vs. Watchmen 7 - Win (1-1-0)


4-May-2006 – Watchmen drop season opener

EDMONTON – Picking up where they left off from the Winter season, the Watchmen hit the K of C ice surface short-staffed and unable to bury the puck. The Watchmen faced off against an old-time rival the Dragons, who took the summer the summer pennant and playoff title in 2003 over the Watchmen. The Watchmen were without several players including starting goalie Weis who was scouting the Red Wings game to see if Chelios or Maltby might be available for the Watchmen’s summer squad, but the Watchmen’s reliable backstop Glen Shoemaker was up to the task. Unfortunately for Shoe, the Watchmen were unable to mount much of an offence, as Luke Mr. VW Van Weiren was the only Watchmen to score a goal, or tally a point for that matter. While the Watchmen controlled the shot clock, they were not able to ward off the Dragons scoring chances leaving their tender hung out to dry on 3 occasions, enough to drop the decision by a score of 3-1. The Watchmen will expecting a fuller bench next game and will need it to put forth a better offensive effort in the games to come.


Dragons 3 vs. Watchmen 1 - Loss (0-1-0)


1-May-2006 – Watchmen announce line-up for summer 2006

OLD STRATHCONA – The Watchmen are gearing up for the summer 2006 season ready to defend their ERHL title. The Watchmen have a core of winter skaters back in the line-up for the summer, including a later-season all-star addition Luke Moran, and have Ice Bears Mitch Flegel and JP Glaves re-joining the squad to round out a solid defensive core. The front end will see Mike Starett, a familiar face who has been sparing for the squad for several years who will pick up a full-time spot, and two Watchmen newcomers this summer, Rocky Eldridge who after lengthy contract negotiations has been signed by Watchmen management who redefines utility man being able to play forward, defence and even goal, and Kevin Phillips who the Watchmen have sought out trying to squeeze more goals out of the Phillips gene-pool after his brother Cam took the Watchmen scoring title and MVP this past winter. The line-up to start the season looks as follows:


Wilkinson – Eldridge– Starett

Phillips – Kulmatycki – Phillips

Simpson – Gray – Vlahadamis


Nycholat – Moran – Mr. VW – Glaves – Flegel



The field of contenders look strong this year with the Battalion (formerly Team Metro), and Watchmen who have won the Div 1 title the past two years, and the FAK Red Army and the Dragons were are both recent champions in the Div 2 summer divisions.

The Watchmen bid farewell to two long-time Watchmen who have





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