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2013-2014 Winter Season


Nisky comes in like a wrecking ball

Watchmen hang on in wild finish


KC – After a pair of weak performances, the Watchmen faced off against the Red Army. The two squads came out hard, as the Yellow and Purple were looking to shore up 2nd spot on the table, while the Red Army are fighting for a playoff berth. In spite of a back and forth game, neither side could beat the opposing tender until the Capers connected on a late power play and MacLellan’s hot stick gave the Watchmen the lead, scoring a goal for the sixth game in a row.


The Red Army couldn’t find the back of the net until they were awarded a penalty shot at the midpoint of the game and tied it at one a piece. The goal lit a fire under the Watchmen who scored four straight. The flood gate was opened by Tom Jacknisky who tipped in a pass from Dave MacBurnie. Rory Shott scored twice before Murray Bladon finished off the outburst to end the second period with a 5-1 lead.


Things got a bit squirrely in the final frame when only moments in, Tom Jacknisky was hammered by the Red Army defenceman into their own goalie, in a move that would make even Marc-Andre Bergeron look clever. Nisky landed on the tender with a thud apparently re-injuring a reconstructed knee ending the Red Army goalie’s night. The incident would have normally ended the game, but MacLellan, who will be away for the next few games was eager to pad his stats and both squads waited for the next games’ goalie to dress and resumed play. The decision appeared to be a wise one as the Watchmen scored on their first shot as Rory Shott finished off a hat trick, also rounding out a 3-point night for Bladon (wearing his own skates this evening).


But with only 12 minutes to go in the game, and a commanding 6-1 lead, the wheels began to come off the wagon for the Watchmen as the Army popped in 3 straight goals bringing the score to within 2 in the dying minutes of the game. The comeback would be thwarted though as the Watchmen dug the puck out of their zone, head-manning it to a streaking Tom Jacknisky on a breakaway on the empty cage. The pressure got to the team captain though who “wired” a sweep shot off the outside of the right post. Jeff MacLellan zipped in to scoop up the rebound but also couldn’t find the back of the net and a scramble ensued until the calm hand of Dave MacBurnie, bringing up the rear guard tucked the biscuit in the basket ending the Army’s comeback and sealing the game.


In spite of the win, MacLellan is taking off for a few games to put some bread on his family’s table. The stint opens up the scoring race as Jeff currently has a 3-point lead over Rory Shott.


Watchmen 3 Stars

1.         Rory Shott

2.         Murray Bladon

3.         Dave MacBurnie

Record 16-7-1

Watchmen (7) Red Army (4)


Watchmen lay 2 eggs, come up with 1 win

Shootout required to salvage 2 points


Kenilworth/KC – After settling into a comfortable 2nd place in the division with the solid win over the Young Guns, the Watchmen decided to bring their worst 2 performances of the season back to back against the Brand Alliance and followed by a game against the Med Army.


The Brand Alliance tilt started with a roster fiasco, calling up 2 spares only to dress the dreaded 11 skaters. The Brand Alliance, jumped on the confusion, taking an early lead, from which they and their kick-ass 90s graphics never looked back. The Watchmen fell behind 3-1 in the first after deciding that covering the slot would be optional this evening.


Jeff MacLellan scored his signature short-handed goal to narrow the lead, only to have the Alliance blow it open with 3 straight, the first of which in the dying seconds of the second period followed by a pair to start the third. The Watchmen didn’t roll over and die as Lyle Van Wieren and Dino Vlahadamis each netted a goal to make a game of it, but the effort was too little too late for the grave they’d already dug themselves, and the Brand Alliance earned a much needed 2 points as they claw their way to a playoff spot.


While the effort against the Alliance seemed close to the season’s worst for the Watchmen, they brought another half-baked effort against the Med Army only a week later. The Army who continually seem to struggle to field a full roster against the Watchmen, began the game with only 5 skaters and a spare goalie called upon from a few divisions down. The Watchmen apparently figured the game was in the bag before it began, so much so the Murray Bladon figured he could wear a random pair of skates from the lost and found. But it turns out that skating at half-speed, taking offensive zone penalties and passing it through the slot are a recipe for a 2-0 deficit even against a team that only had 7 skaters by the end of the 1st.


Lyle Van Wieren would put the Watchmen on his back to claw their way back into the game though, as would notch his first of his 5 points on the night, assisting along with Dino Vlahadamis on Cole Geiger’s goal to bring the Watchmen to within 1. The levy didn’t break for the Med Army though who scored twice in the period to retain their 2 goal lead in spite of Jeff MacLellan scoring a goal in the frame.


The flood seemed to settle the boys down a bit, and Lyle Van Wieren would move from second assists to first assists, setting up MacLellan and Murray Bladon for a goal each to tie the game. But the Med Army’s short roster would just keep digging, finishing off an odd man rush with only 2 minutes to play. The short-benched miracle was not to be though as LVW II bounced one in off the backboards and off the Med Army goalie in the dying seconds of the game to tie it up finishing off a night where he was in on every goal.


Sudden death was delivered to the Med Army when they couldn’t beat the Watchmen tender on their first shoot out, but Cole Geiger tucked one home, simultaneously giving the Watchmen their first lead of the game, and the victory. After back to back weak efforts, the Watchmen managed to walk away with 2 points.


Watchmen 3 Stars (vs. Brand Alliance)

1.         Jeff MacLellan

2.         Dino Vlahadamis

3.         Luke Van Wieren

Watchmen 3 Stars (vs. Med Army)

1.         Lyle Van Wieren

2.         Cole Geiger

3.         Jeff MacLellan

Record 15-7-1

Brand Alliance (6) Watchmen (4)

Watchmen (6) Med Army (5) (SO)


Veterans step up to end losing streak

Young Guns go down whining


CAC – The Watchmen faced off against the Young Guns for the first time since this season’s ‘incident’. While Clarke Spencer was in the press box for the game, the Watchmen were treated to a rare Scott Arsenault appearance.


The Watchmen burst out of the gates scoring three before five minutes had ticked off the clock. Murray Bladon had a pair with and Darren Hockman popped in a rebound. Hockman’s goal was waved off though as the net was clearly an inch off mouring.


Moments later the Young Guns got another officiating break when an off-side play was green-lighted and a shot from the top of the circles beat Watchman goaltender Tim Weis who was back in the pipes after two games in the minors for conditioning. Hockman would get on the gamesheet on the penalty kill as he forced a turnover in the Young Guns end and Rory Shott snuck in a backhand into the far side on an unsuspecting Young Gun tender. Before the period ended Dave MacBurnie popped in a rebound from the behind the net, bouncing a shot in off the tender to give the Watchmen a 4-1 lead. Lyle Van Wieren pounded a puck off the crossbar to end the frame that was clearly in the Watchmen’s favour.


Instead of burying the Young Guns when they had them down and out, the Watchmen began a parade to the penalty box. First Bladon was given a hooking penalty. After killing off the first two minutes, a love tap from Vlahadamis saw a Young Gun go down like he’d been shot a close range with a .45 calibre magnum. The Watchmen killed off the 2-man disadvantage, only to be assessed another to team captain Tom Jacknisky. The 5-on-3 and the ensuing penalty were both killed off thanks to a few timely stretches from a Watchmen tender trying to regain his form after being healthy scratched since the beginning of the month, and an 8-minute iron-man shift from JP Glaves thanks to the long change in the 2nd period. The back-to-back-back penalties were killed, but that didn’t stop the Young Guns from crying about every miscarriage of justice they perceived or imagined. In between the tears, the Guns did sneak one past the Watchmen tender, this time a shot in off the crossbar to the blocker side narrowing the score to 4-2 where it stayed until the flood.


MacLellan, sporting the purple ‘A’ straightened out his squad after a raucous period, and then took to the ice to score a goal whacking in a blast from the point from Dino Vlahadamis. The play had been made possible thanks to an impressive diffusion of a Young Guns 2 on 1 by Scott Arsenault, showing he hadn’t missed a stride despite being on the sidelines for the majority of the past 8 weeks. Moments after Vlahadamis notched his second assist of the night, Darren Hockman scored his second disallowed goal, this one being the victim of a very quick whistle. Having not intervened in only a few minutes, the refs assessed another penalty against Cole Geiger for hooking. But the Watchmen fended off the power play, as well as the rest of the frame taking home a 5-2 win, putting a bit of space between themselves and the Young Guns who trail the Watchmen by 5 as the final 3rd of the regular season gets underway.                                   


Watchmen 3 Stars

1.         Dino Vlahadamis

2.         Tim Weis

3.         Darren Hockman

Record 14-6-1

Young Guns (2) Watchmen (5)


Losing skid stretches to two

Myshak Road Crew


CAC – It was back in December when defenceman Ben Burke was going through such an awful slump that the Watchmen head coach contemplated dumping the New Brunswick native to the fourth line or the press box. A couple of weeks later, general manager Tom Jacknisky admitted he was willing to trade the recent pick-up if the price was right.


Perhaps team brass was trying to light a fire under the rookie. If so, Burke seemed to have received the message. Playing through an illness, Burke set up the Watchmen’s first two goals in their Friday night tilt against the Myshak Road Crew. Lyle Van Wieren and Jeff MacLellan both benefitted from Burke’s playmaking, but as the game wore on his illness cut his shifts and his offensive contribution short. Dino Vlahadamis and Clarke Spencer also popped in a goal each in the second period, but the Watchmen special teams couldn’t hold the Road Crew at bay.


The one goal lead the Watchmen were nursing to kick off the final frame evaporated on a short-handed marker by the Road Crew, who would bury a pair of power play markers to hand the Watchmen their second loss in a row. Not only did the Road Crew to draw within a point of the Watchmen for second place in the standings the game would end with a pretty heated exchange summarized aptly below:


“I was told someone speared the goalie to which even the goalie didn’t know about apparently. And the guy who was on his back wasn’t even the guy who was after the puck that was at the net. […]

Not only is there a guy wailing on a player on his back but we have a big dude coming off the bench to essentially challenge our bench when this was going on ‘what’s your problem guys why don’t you step out of the box and stop being such pussies’. […]

Just a case of letting the game get out of control and then to let something like this go on. […] Not really sure what to say.”


Watchmen 3 Stars

1.         Lyle Van Wieren

2.         Ben Burke

3.         Dino Vlahadamis

Record 13-6-1

Myshak Road Crew (6) Watchmen (2)


No Dekes stay on top

Shoot out win keeps Watchmen at bay in spite of strategic line change


KC – The top two teams faced off Wednesday night in a battle that would either narrow or strengthen the No Dekes lead in the Div 3 standings. This being the third matchup of the season between these two squads with the No Dekes taking both of the previous match-ups.

The Watchmen’s struck first as Jeff MacLellan netted one on a feed from Clarke Spencer and Adam Jessome, giving the Watchmen a one-goal lead which the Watchmen would hold heading into the second period. The No Dekes struck back in the second tying the game 5 minutes into the frame. Jessome would notch his second assist of the night, getting the puck to Jacknisky who got it to Dave MacBurnie to restore the lead, but it would be a short-lived one as the No Dekes popped home three in a row in a span of five minutes to take a 4-2 lead.


The Watchmen fought back in the final frame with MacLellan setting up Clarke Spencer on a power play, and before MacLellan would pop his second of the night to tie the game up. In the dying seconds the Watchmen shortened the bench, but it wasn’t enough to get them the lead before the time expired. The game went straight to shootouts and the No Dekes nabbed the extra point, staying unbeaten against their closest rival this season.


Watchmen 3 Stars

1.         Jeff MacLellan

2.         Adam Jessome

3.         Clarke Spencer

Record 13-5-1

Watchmen (4) No Dekes (5)


Red Army Down

5 unanswered goals start 2014 off on a winning note


Argyll – It was 20 days ago since these two teams played, but the rematch between the Watchmen and the Red Army spanned a year as the puck dropped for first game of 2014 at Argyll arena. 


The previous tilts between these two squads have been high scoring affairs, with Watchmen tallying 25 goals in 3 games, and surrendering 16. The Red Army dressed a back-up tender for the game, giving the Watchmen some pause as the Army has averaged 5.33 goals per game against the Watchmen and a tighter netminder could make for a dangerous affair.


The Watchmen got the first break, drawing a hooking penalty only 3 minutes into the game. But the advantage back-fired when the Red Army forced a turnover in the Watchmen zone and buried the biscuit for an early lead care of a short handed snipe. The Watchmen pressed but couldn’t score until Darren Hockman, loosened up coming fresh off a geriatrics game at the U, lifted a rebound top cheese tying the game at 1.


The momentum was lost though when Ben Burke was assessed a penalty when a Red Army attacker tripped over the blue line as Burke played the puck. The Army couldn’t capitalize on their man advantage, but did tuck one in shortly after the penalty expired restoring their lead to thunderous goal stick applause from the far end. The lead would prove to be short lived, but also the Red Army’s last one, and the Watchmen centremen alternated goals before the period was out: Bladon, Shott and Bladon again. MacLellan picked up an assist on each of Bladon’s tallies, and Clarke Spencer and Dino Vlahadamis got an apple each.


The tide had turned quickly from a single-goal deficit with less than five minutes to go, to a 4-2 lead heading into the second period, and the goal stick applause had turned to beratement of the Red Army defence from the Red Army crease.


The 6 goals scored in the first period was even higher than the season series average of 4.5/period, but the frenzy settled down in the second as the goaltenders put on the chastity belts for the better part of the period. Jacknisky, fresh from a 3-minute rest in the sin-bin, broke the dry spell, dangling out of the corner with 5 minutes to play, and put a backhand up with the peanut butter. Before the period was out, Rory Shott tipped in a blast from Lyle Van Wieren, and MacLellan managed to talk the ref into his 3 assist of the outing. LVW wasn’t done there though as a Red Army defender fool heartedly opted to throw a few shoves LVW’s way, only to receive a few full-scale replies. A full-scale heavy-weight tilt was averted though, but not before the shear strength of the boards were tested.


Despite the fiery end to the second period, tempers settled for the final frame. The Red Army pressed, but couldn’t beat the Watchmen keeper, even though, in classic Watchmen modus operandi, an early trip to the penalty box gave the Army an early opportunity to get back in the game. But they couldn’t net one with the man advantage or even strength in spite of hemming the Watchmen in on several occasions. The longer the 4-goal differential stood, the less juice the Red Army had, and the buzzer ultimately sounded handing the Watchmen their first win of 2014. The Watchmen are back on the ice on Wednesday, facing off against rival No Dekes, who remain 3 points up on them for the top of the table.


Watchmen 3 Stars

1.         Rory Shott

2.         Lyle Van Wieren

3.         Tim Weis

Record 13-5

Watchmen (6) Red Army (2)


New Years Classic

Weis steps up to quell trade rumours


KC – With only 28 hours remaining in 2013, the Watchmen faced off against the Myshak Road Crew at KC twin arenas. Into their third trip through the table, the Watchmen have either gone 2-0 or 0-2 against every team they’ve played except the Road Crew, who took the first one, only to have the Watchmen avenge the loss in their second meeting. So stage was set for a barn-burner.


Despite carrying their largest roster in team history, once again the Watchmen needed to call on Matt Pastorius to spare just to fill out 6 forwards and 4 defence. The Watchmen were without 3 of their top 5 scorers, including the MacCaper connection who were back in the motherland for the holidays, and Lyle Van Wieren who was watching TV. The Watchmen welcomed Clarke Spencer back into line-up after serving the first half of his protracted suspension.


The Road Crew were looking for a win to move into a tie for third place, while the Watchmen were looking to consolidate their hold on second spot in the table. The Road Crew came out fast peppering the Watchmen net with a handful of partial breakaways and busy shots from the point, but this evening the Watchmen tender was up to the task, keeping a clean sheet through the first period allowing the Watchmen to get their bearings during the flood despite being outshot badly in the first – mostly likely due to some imperfectly sharpened skates.


Early in the period the Watchmen found themselves with a man advantage, but played like they were down a player, surrendering a 2 on 1, and then taking a penalty of their own within the first 30 seconds of the period. Playing 4 on 4 seemed to suit the Watchmen better, as Rory Shott broke the ice getting the Watchmen on the board mopping up a rebound on a rush from Clarke Spencer. The lead didn’t last long however, as the penalty that made the teams 4 on 4, gave the Road Crew a power play once their penalty had expired, and the Crew worked the puck to the slot and buried one to tie the game at one, where it would stay until the third in part due to a few more leather flashes in the Watchmen end.


The Road Crew took a too many men on the ice penalty nearing the end of the second, giving the Watchmen a power play to kick off the third. This time, the power play fared better than it did a period earlier, as Rory Shott scored his second of the night tipping in a shot from Matt Pastorius. A couple of shifts later, Clarke Spencer would find a hole in the Road Crew’s tender, firing a wrist shot home from the circles giving the Watchmen a 3-1 lead mid-way through the final frame. The Road Crew weren’t about to role over through, having pressed hard all game, and their fast fore-check paid off as they turned the puck over deep in the Watchmen zone resulting in their 2nd goal of the night again from an unmarked man in the slot.


Despite trailing by a goal, the Road Crew led in shots and now had some momentum. Not one to make it easy on themselves, the Watchmen took a tripping penalty blowing the play dead when they were heading in on a 2-on-1. The penalty kill unit fended off the Road Crew attack though, and pressed for some insurance and were rewarded with a power play as the Road Crew tried to tame a Watchmen rush. The Watchmen couldn’t capitalize on the man advantage but did use special team to kill off 3 minutes of the final five. No sooner had the penalty expired, the Road Crew were handed another, much to their displeasure, with just over 2 minutes remaining in regulation time. In spite of an aggressive kill and an empty cage, the final seconds ticked off the clock thanks in part to some uncompromising physical play of Luke Van Wieren.


The final buzzer sounded handing the Watchmen the two points, thanks to some timely offence, tight defence and a solid performance between the pipes. “It was about time Weis showed up,” Rory Shott, who’s leading the team with close to 2.5 points per game, said in the post-game press conference. “While he’s a long-time veteran, we all know his best years are behind him and he’s been starting to show his age this year.” Veteran defenceman JP Glaves added “I appreciate he’s buying matching gear to look good, but he’d look a hell of a lot better if he wasn’t fishing the puck out of the net so much, and it’s not secret we don’t have other options. I’ve recruited him to a few other squads around town so he can have a soft landing when the time comes.” Team GM Tom Jacknisky weighed in saying “everyone know division 3 championship teams are built from the goaltending out, and while we’ve tried to add some blue line support to prop up the tender, but there’s only so much they can do. Tonight, he showed he still wants to compete at this level, and that’s a step forward, but I’m making no guarantees come trade deadline. That goes for you too Bladon – zero f&%ing points in a one-goal game, step up bitch, and to all the fair weather players who had ‘family’ events to attend to on a Monday night – don’t think I won’t staple your asses to the bench in January – I’m looking at you Burke. Anyone got an anti-histamine? Oh, and the refs sucked; you call that trip? I’ll show you a trip. Call it both ways. I don’t care if they got twice as many penalties as we did; did you see how big they were? F this, I’m out – who took my water bottle?”


In other, equally important team news, Nisky has realized he’s been going too easy on guys who forget beverages, and so Dino made sure the squad was fully hydrated. The victory iced a successful December for the Watchmen going 4-1, and comfortably in second place in the standings, with 2nd most goals for, and allowing the 2nd least against in 2013. The squad kicks off 2014 on January 8th against the Red Army in a rematch of the Xmas massacre.


Watchmen 3 Stars

1.         Tim Weis

2.         Rory Shott

3.         Luke Van Wieren

Record 12-5

Watchmen (3) Myshak Road Crew (2)


Xmas massacre

Watchmen vs Red Army in Christmas rematch 363 days in the making


ARGYLL – ‘Twas 5 days before Christmas, and Nisky was back

Off a two-game suspension for being a hack;

Two lines took to the ice without any spares,

In hopes that a victory soon would be theirs;


The Watchmen suited up hoping their goalie was ready,

The last time these squads met, he wasn’t too steady;

But Tommy brought chips, and Cole had the brew,

In case Weis was shit again, after they’d have something to do,


Wearing the same outfit were the brothers Van Wieren,

How do I rhyme anything with Van Wieren?

Paired each with one brother, were the Ice Bears ringers,

So old man Vlahadamis moved up to a winger.


Five minutes into the game, the Red Army scored,

Potting a lively rebound off the back boards;

The Watchmen pressed but just couldn’t score,

Even though on the shot clock, the gold-squad had more.


Before the first buzzer, a pair they would take,

Red Army penalties that is, for a rough and a body check.

I know you are thinking that ‘take’ and ‘check’ don’t rhyme,

Be charitable you dicks, it’s f#@&ing Christmas-time.


The two man advantage would help change the game,

As the power play unit was called upon by name:

"Now, Geiger! now, Bladon! and Vlahadamis!

On, Daddy Glaves! on, VW the 1st! don’t let them shoot on Weis!


Work the perimeter, shoot the puck! Get the rebounds don’t fall!

Now dash away! dash away! dash away all!"

The puck dropped, the boys worked it around,

VW to Dino to Murray and in he would pound;


The Watchmen had time left on the advantage, 

But too many on would do the boys some damage;

They would skate 4 on 4 until the end of their shifts, 

And on came the Zamboni smelling of spliffs;


The penalty was killed even though very early,

Glaves forgot they were short, playing it gingerly.

Nisky got the Watchmen the lead when opportunity did knock;

One-timing a pass from Shott, who got it from Hawk,


A rare hooking call would send Hawk to the bin,

But the Watchmen got a shorty, on a clapper from Bladon.

The lead did not last, as the Red Army netted a pair,

And almost another, but VW and Glaves for their goalie, did spare.


Tied at three, Nisky served VW’s rough in the box he knows well,

But three minutes later, he leaped to the ice like a bat out of hell.

Tommy’s eyes—how they twinkled! His dimples, how merry!

His cheeks were like roses, his nose like a cherry!


He scooped up the puck and went in on a break;

But wide went the shot, no deke or no fake.

Not one to give up lightly, Nisky stayed on the puck,

And off a setup from Hockman, into the net he would tuck;


A two-goal cushion was restored care of Rory Shott,

Who, after a set up from Dino, a goal he would pot;

Up 5-3 heading into the third looked comfy enough,

Particularly after a 2-on-1, a stretching Weis he would snuff.


But the next odd man rush, only a few minutes later;

For the second game in a row, the short side he couldn’t cover.

It would end 8-4 with no further red attack,

As Bladon, Shott and Geiger scored back-to-back-to-back;


Before the year’s out, to the rink is one more trip,

But for this festive occasion the boys liked the chips.

After sharing some holiday cheer in the room,

Half the squad went to O2’s for some fist pumps and tunes;


There was no food to scavenge, and the kitchen they would not deploy,

It was close to a bust, had there not been a video for Dino to enjoy.

After last call, they piled into their cars and drove out of sight—

“Happy Christmas to all, and to all a good night!”


Watchmen 3 Stars

1.         Tom Ho Ho Jacknisky

2.         Murray The Red-Nosed Bladon

3.         Darren Santa’s Little Helper Hockman

Record 11-5

Watchmen (8) Red Army (4)


Med Army Down

Watchmen counter-punch after giving up goals in 3rd minute of each frame


Argyll – Without their fearless leader serving his second game of his two-game suspension and with Clarke Spencer for a hearing with Shanahan, the Watchmen took to the ice to face off against the Central Med Army, starting the schedule’s third rotation through the table.

Having gone 2-0 against the Med Army, the Watchmen came out flat, allowing the Army to capitalize on an early scramble giving them a one-goal lead at the 17:28 mark of the period. But it wouldn’t take long for the Watchmen to lick their wounds, and Cam Phillips responded less than a minute later, and then responded again at the halfway point of the period. Rory Shott added another for good measure giving the Watchmen a 3-1 lead, delighting their lone fan, as the purple and gold headed into the second period.

It may have been the most dangerous lead in hockey, of the penalty the Watchmen were killing after Phillips got called for interference, but the Med Army scored again at 17:46 of the middle frame. Once again, the goal woke up the Watchmen who responded with a pair from Shott and Lyle Van Wieren.

Ben Burke tipped in a blast from Cole Geiger (who was incidentally covering Burke’s point) to kick off the third period, but once again the third minute into the frame would prove deadly for the Watchmen, as the Med Army pounded a shot short-side, cleanly past Watchmen netminder on a 2-on-1. Once again the Watchmen responded to giving up the goal with a pair of their own coming from Jeff MacLellan, who was playing his final game of 2013 only hours before departing for the Maritimes, and followed up by Cole Geiger capping the game and capping a 4-point outing.

Description: Macintosh HD:Users:timw:Desktop:vsMedArmy.jpg

@AvePizza: “wow, look at that defensive zone coverage. @JeffMacLellan17 is probably out of this pic, 30 ft to the right” #Wmenhockey

Watchmen 3 Stars

1.         Cole Geiger

2.         Ben Burke

3.         Adam I brought beverages Jessome

Record 10-5

Watchmen (8) Central Med Army (3)


Young Guns outgun Watchmen

Watchmen lose Spencer in wild finish


Argyll – The Watchmen faced off against the Young Guns looking to avenge their 6-3 loss in their first outing this season. The Watchmen only dressed 10 skaters thanks in part to JP Glaves’ effort to take a break from changing diapers for the drive over the Argyll Arena.

The Watchmen dug themselves a quick hole though as the Young Guns jumped out to an early 2-goal lead, capitalizing twice on turnovers deep in the Watchmen zone. Jeff MacLellan narrowed the lead on a feed from Clarke Spencer and Rory Shott, but the Young Guns responded on a breakaway to retain their 2-goal lead. The Watchmen pressed but couldn’t put one home, but just before the period ended Dino Vlahadamis netted his second goal of the season just before the buzzer sounded.

Whatever momentum was generated by the late goal didn’t last long as the Young Guns popped in a pair to start the second period capitalizing on a pair of odd-man rushes. Rory Shott brought the game back into striking distance with a tally in the latter part of the period, sending the game into the final frame with a 5-3 score.

After the flood Clarke Spencer got his third point of the night bringing the game to within a goal. But instead of capitalizing on the opportunity, the Watchmen opted for a breakaway, followed by a failed defensive zone attempt, neither of which Weis was up to the task to turn away, and the Young Guns restored their comfortable 3 goal deficit.

The pair of goals were bounded a squirrely incident with Clarke Spencer getting tangled up behind the Young Gun net, and being on the receiving end of a face wash. Both the face washer and the face washee were ejected from the, but before Spencer would take his Gordie Howe hat-trick and go home, he took exception to some chirping being sent his way and skated out to the blue-line to deliver a heavy blow.

The punch landed Spencer a lengthy suspension, and although the Young Guns tallied one shortly after the call, Lyle Van Wieren took the Watchmen on his shoulders, netting a pair of goals, but the effort would be too little, too late as the buzzer sounded handing the Watchmen their second loss in 3 games and their second to the Young Guns this season.

Watchmen 3 Stars

1.         Lyle Van Wieren

2.         Rory Shott

3.         Clarke Spencer

Record 9-5

Watchmen (6) Young Guns (7)


Losing streak ended

Flood gates burst for 7 goals in opening 9 minutes of 3rd


ARGYLL – After facing the top team in the league, the Watchmen faced off against Giraffe, the last place squad in the division. The Watchmen welcomed to the line-up veteran Matt Pastorius who, after 3 seasons with the boys took the year off to “spend time with his family”, but called himself up for the skate at Argyll.

In spite of dwelling in the basement, Giraffe put up a good fight and neither team could notch a goal in the opening frame. MacLellan did manage to collect a stick in the face from the Giraffe tender, leading to a melee and an ejection for Clarke Spencer who quickly inserted himself in the fray as MacLellan lay on the ice.

The period would end in a scoreless draw in the opening frame, extending the Watchmen scoring drought two over two periods starting from the previous games’ second period. Ben Burke broke the drought early in the 2nd period on a feed from Adam Coates and Dino Vlahadamis. Giraffe responded mid-way through period to tie the game on a powerplay, but Rory Shott and Dave MacBurnie each scored before the end of the period to give the Watchmen a comfortable 2-goal lead.

The final period kicked off with the Watchmen nursing the most dangerous lead in hockey, and given clear marching orders to make sure they didn’t let the Giraffe now the lead to 3-2 and claw back into the game. The pep talk was taken to heart as the Watchmen offence exploded like a teenage boy with a playboy and a box of Kleenex. Rory Shott was the first to spread the sauce and go top shelf popping in 2 goals in the first 2 minutes of the period rounding out his hat trick. Murray Bladon added one just over a minute later before Shott scored again, rounding out a 6-minute run-time third period hat trick. But the eruption was far from finished as MacBurnie, Bladon and MacLellan popped in consecutive goals separated by 60 seconds each. Giraffe managed to sneak one in, but Shott and Bladon responded assisting on each other’s goal, Shott’s fifth of the night and Bladon’s third.

The swing from a 3-1 game to a 12-2 score in 15 minutes took everyone by surprise and tensions began to mount after each biscuit slide into the basket. The 10-goal lead couldn’t stop Dr. Nisky from a hard forecheck in the dying minutes of the game to which the Giraffe squad responded to the attack with a high elbow and before you could say “cocksucker” the flippers were off and the fists were flying. Moments later, Jacknisky stood above his fallen foe with right gun cocked, but it was either mercy or shear shock that stayed his hand. Either way, he’s got 2 games to sit to think about his transgression. The Watchmen take on the Young Guns Saturday night in hopes of avenging their first meeting’s loss.

    Description: Macintosh HD:Users:timw:Documents:Watchmen:1 - new page:1 - data:pics:J-Nisky2.jpg (Artist’s rendition of Jacknisky fight)

Watchmen 3 Stars

1.         Rory Shott

2.         Murray Bladon

3.         Dino Vlahadamis

Record 9-4

Watchmen (12) Giraffe (2)


Watchmen give one away

With a little help from some poor officiating in final minutes


Kinsmen – Division 3’s top two squads faced off at Kinsmen arena Tuesday night. The Watchmen were coming off a 4 game winning streak looking to round out the month of November undefeated. The purple and gold welcome Darren Hockman back to the line-up after coming off the IR and a conditioning stint in Australia (and the old-man U of A league). The Hawk didn’t miss a beat popping in his own rebound on a feed from Dave MacBurnie giving the Watchmen an early lead. The No Dekes tied the game up before the period was out knocking in a rebound and the game went to the second tied at one a piece.

Murray Bladon regained the lead for the Watchmen early on in the second period and the Watchmen managed to hold the 1 goal lead for most of the period, with both team trading short-handed goals in trailing edge of the frame.

Heading into the third, neither team could find the back of the net and with the clock winding down it was looking like MacLellan’s shortie at the end of the second might hold on to be the game winner. But with 5-minutes to play the No Dekes would tie the game on a breakaway by hacking and whacking in the 3rd rebound. While the call, or lack thereof was questionable at best, it didn’t hold a candle to the shit show that was about to unfold. With the game knotted at 3, with less than 5 minutes to play, an unsportsmanlike penalty was assessed to Rory Shott for not putting his stick in the right place on the draw, putting itself in the running for the world’s stupidest calls (voting to take place over the Xmas holidays for induction into the hall of fame in 2014). Putting icing on the cake, Jacknisky was sent to the sin bin only moments later putting the Watchmen on a 5 on 3 penalty kill in the dying minutes of the game. The 2 man power play was long enough for the No Dekes to get themselves their first lead of the game with less than 3 minutes to play, but it was timed well as they would hang for the win ending the Watchmen’s winning streak and giving the No Dekes a small cushion on top of the dogpile.

Watchmen 3 Stars

1.         Darren Hockman

2.         Tim Weis

3.         Ben Burke

Record 8-4

Watchmen (3) No Dekes (4)


Watchmen down Alliance in Big Mike Memorial

Spencer tallies back-to-back 4-point outings


ARGYLL – After back-to-back-to-back games with spares needed to barely round out two lines, the roster was all but full for the Big Mike Tsuchiya farewell match-up against the Brand Alliance.

The Watchmen got on the board first, notching a 3-goal lead as Dave MacBurnie potted a pair and set up Jeff MacLellan for a marker in the span of only 6 minutes. The Alliance narrowed the lead in the before the period was out knocking a goal past Eric Mitskopoulos who stepped in the pipes for an absent Weis.

From having the game well in hand, the Watchmen started the second period with the most dangerous lead in hockey; 3-1. Buoyed by their late goal, the Brand Alliance kept the momentum going into the second period scoring less than 2 minutes in bringing the game to within 1. But neither team could get another until they traded a pair in the last five minutes lead off by Lyle Van Wieren notching his third of the season.

While the Watchmen lost the second period, they held onto a 4-3 lead heading into the final frame. Murray Bladon scored a powerplay goal early in the period giving Watchmen a two goal cushion and as they controlled the majority of the play the game appeared to be well in hand as the period closed in on its halfway mark. But not to be counted out, the Alliance counterpunched again making it a 5-4 game, and then Luke Van Wieren took a body contact penalty and the Alliance tied the game up on ensuing power play and suddenly the momentum had shifted. In an attempt to snatch defeat from the jaws of victory, JP Glaves followed VW’s lead earning a trip to the sin bin and giving the Alliance a chance to earn their first lead of the game with only 5 minutes left to play. While the Alliance buzzed for a minute or two in the Watchmen end, a timely save from Mitsy allowed Clarke Spencer the chance to clear the puck up to Jeff MacLellan who streaked in and pounded a clapper past the Alliance goalie with 2:44 left on the clock. 12 seconds later Rory Shott would find the back of the net again setting a team record for back-to-back short-handed goals. After Glaves emerged from his timely trip to the box, Cole Geiger popped in a rebound and rounding out a 3-goal 67 seconds, and that’s the way it would stay until the buzzer sounded giving the Watchmen their 4th win in a row. The win puts the Watchmen in second place and one point out of top spot, trailing only the No Dekes who they face off against next week. The battle for first place will see the triumphant return of Darren Hockman to the lineup.

After the game, the boys in purple bid a adieu to comrade in arms Mike Tsuchiya who leaves the Watchmen after a couple of seasons, but only a handful of games this year. Tsuchiya is leaving Alberta for greener pastures in the Big Smoke after learning he can sell more brew to City Hall in Toronto than Edmonton. Allowing Big Mike to walk was a controversial move for GM Tom Jacknisky who will be under the microscope for allowing a fan favorite to leave the fold.


Description: Macintosh HD:Users:timw:Downloads:Snip20131121_41.png

MacLellan pounds home short-handed winner

Bon voyage Big Mike. Hopefully Nisky will catch you in scoring.


Watchmen 3 Stars

1.         JP Glaves

2.         Dave MacBurnie

3.         Jeff MacLellan

Record 8-3

Watchmen (8) Brand Alliance (5)


Spencer leads Watchmen comeback victory

Jessome earns back-to-back brewskis, Bladon’s earns ejection for receiving sucker-punch


CAC – After being man-handled in their first meeting against the Myshak Road Crew, the Watchmen pulled out all the stops to prepare for the rematch including customized water bottles and helmet stickers. In spite of the swag, the Watchmen could only muster 9 skaters, including an elusive 2013 Luke VW sighting. The short roster made GM Tom Jacknisky’s decision to healthy scratch Watchmen stalwart Rory Shott, breaking his Cal Ripken-esce attendance streak.

The Watchmen burst out of the gates, when Clarke Spencer stuffing the puck under the Road Crew tender’s pad only a minute into the game on a feed from his Atlantic counter-parts Dave MacBurnie and Jeff MacLellan. After a rough outing the previous game, Watchmen goaltender Tim Weis bounced back keeping the Road Crew at bay until a strange bounce of a dump in shot from the corner of the rink directly to the slot and onto the stick of a Road Crew forward to popped home a shot past Weis’ new gear.

The Road Crew took the lead early in the second netting back to back rebounds, the first on a goal mouth scramble and a power play marker that was swatted out of mid-air. Being thwarted in the Road Crew zone and down by a pair, the odds were tilting in the Road Crew’s favour. But with time ticking away on the second period the RC’s goalie seemed to take exception to Murray Bladon playing an uncovered puck before the whistle blew (either that or ringing one of the cross-bar on an yawning cage), came after Bladon. In the ensuing melee, someone Bladon not only ended up with a bruised face, but also with a double-minor, apparently for being on the receiving end of a sucker-punch. Despite the almost ridiculous even-up call, the coincidental penalties seemed to energize the Watchmen and Spencer would return the favour to MacBurnie sending him in on a break. MacB made no mistake out-waiting the RC goalie and bringing the Watchmen back within one. In the dying seconds of the period Spencer would spring MacLellan who made amends for whiffing on an earlier setup, and dangled in to tie the game at 3 heading into the final period.

In case there was some degree of doubt that it was humanly possible to make a worse call than what Bladon had been assessed in the 2nd period, the refs decided to hand Bladon a holding the stick penalty early in the 3rd resulting in an automatic game ejection for his 3rd minor penalty. Now, this writer has seen a lot of bad calls in his day, but this particular penalty took bad calls to new heights. Bladon, who was chasing a loose park got his own stick tangled on a Road Crew defenceman, and was summarily tossed from the game even though he only had one hand on any stick - his own. In spite of having witnessed the re-definition of terrible calls in real time and losing yet another player on an already thinned out roster, the Watchmen successfully killed off the penalty and continued to buzz in the Road Crew zone, but couldn’t beat the Crew’s tender.

The score would remain knotted at 3 until Spencer broke in on a 2-on-1 and disked the puck to Preston Kulmatycki who deked out the Crew tender giving the Watchmen their first lead since the opening frame, and earning Kulmatycki what would ultimately become the game winning goal (his second in as many outings), and Spencer a hat trick of assists (and not BS second assists!).

The play got a bit chippy and chirpy before the final buzzer sounded, unphased the Watchmen were able to keep the door shut preserving a win, and shoring up second place in the division. The Watchmen have a quick turn-around with the puck dropping again on Wednesday against their old rival the Brand Alliance at Argyll Arena.

Watchmen 3 Stars

1.         Clarke Spencer

2.         Dave MacBurnie

3.         Scott Arsenault

Record 7-3

Watchmen (4) Myshak Road Crew (3)


Watchmen battle through goaltending fiasco

MacLellan sees ice-time for 17 goals for/against


CASTLEDOWNS – Saturday night saw the Watchmen face off against the Red Army, who the Watchmen dropped 7-5 in their first matchup. The Watchmen were short on bodies as Saturday night drinking, curling, or being with your wife in labor (congrats Daddy Glaves!!) were all put forth as excuses for not attending the big game. In addition to the varying degrees of validity of excuses put forward for missing the game, Adam Jessome earned himself team beer at the next game, leaving the Watchmen defensive core with only three bodies.

It didn’t take long for the Red Army to get on the board, after a shot from the point bounced off the back boards and into the slot, the Red Army jumped out to a 1-0 lead. The Watchmen bounced back when MacLellan slid the puck through traffic to a waiting Adam Coates who pounded the biscuit into the basket. The Red Army regained their lead popping in a rebound less than a minute later, and gained a 2-goal lead shortly thereafter when muffin number #1 sailed past the Watchmen goaltender who was cutting down the angle effectively if the shot had been 10 feet wide. Unphased by the lack of puck stopping, the Watchmen narrowed the lead to one when MacLellan once again set up a goal, this time to Preston Kulmatycki who patiently dangled past the Red Army tender and backhanded puck home. Before the period was out another muffin got past the Watchmen tender, this time a centering pass that fooled him, but the tally was waved off.

Lyle Van Wieren tied the game up on a blast from the point so hard that it didn’t stay in the net long enough for the ref beside the net to see it go in. A minute later Rory Shott would give the Watchmen their first lead of the night finishing a feed from Ben Burke, but Army would tied it back up moments later when a rebound found its way behind the Watchmen tender who had temporarily settled down after a Dubnyk-esque first. The seesaw would continue though as Cole Geiger took the lead back, and Kulmatycki put the Watchmen up by two notching his second of the contest with just 1 second left on the clock.

The Red Army would get back to within one when Van Wieren made a rare defensive mistake sending a breakaway in on Weis who was in no way going to make a big save on this evening. While 11 goals had been tallied by the two squads in just a little over 2 periods of play, ¾ of the final frame would tick away without a goal from either side in spite of some close calls including a mad scramble in front of the Watchmen net that saw some impressive foot work by Burke to keep the  puck at bay.

Geiger would finally break the stalemate with less than 5 minutes to play putting the Watchmen up by a couplet. But the 2-goal lead didn’t last more than a minute before the Red Army found another hole in the Watchmen tender’s Swiss cheese impression. Sensing they ought to add some insurance, Coates and Shott picked up a goal putting the boys in gold “comfortably” up by three with just over three minutes left on the clock. With a greater than 2-goal lead, the final few minutes that would otherwise be stop time turned to running clock, and with only 180 seconds to kill, the game appeared to be all but in the bag. Weis had one last muffin in him, this time a half-baked raisin bran muffin top in the form of a slap shot from the top of the circles that sailed gingerly over his blocker on the short side prompting shouts of “what-the-fuck?!” from at least one, and possibly up to six stunned teammates. But Weis managed to muster one timely save, turning away a two-on-one in the last minute to preserve a two-goal cushion, and before the final seconds could tick off the clock MacLellan got the puck to Shott who finished his hat-trick into the empty cage, while completing Jeffy’s double-hat trick of assists on the night.

The final buzzer went giving the Watchmen their second win in a row, in a rare single-penalty game. The Watchmen can bask in the glow for a few more nights, and Weis can be grateful the Oilers took Brzy off the market before the purple and gold’s rematch against the Road Crew who shellacked them two months ago.

Watchmen 3 Stars

1.         Adam Coates

2.         Jeff MacLellan

3.         Rory Shott

Record 6-3

Watchmen (10) Red Army (7)


Med Army shows up this time, but falls to Watchmen

Come on guys let's call the f*%&$g game”


CASTLEDOWNS – After starting the season with a no-show against the Watchmen, the Med Army managed to field a roster as the squads faced off at Castledowns. The Watchmen opened the scoring with a pair of unassisted tallies from Jeff MacLellan 5 minutes into the game and followed up by Murray Bladon less than a minute later. The 2-0 lead didn’t last through the period as the Med Army came back with a pair of the own before the end of the period.

The second period opened with another unassisted goal from the Watchmen, this time it was Lyle Van Weiren bulging the twine, but once again the Army would respond tying the game at three, but before the end of the period, Dave MacBurnie would tuck the puck through the wickets as he was being dragged down by a Med player.

While the score was close, the game started to get a little rowdy, with Rory Shott being sent to the sin bin for a rough on the very last play of the period, setting the stage for things to come when the final frame kicked off. Instead of taking advantage of Shott’s penalty to even the score, the Med Army would surrender a shortie to Murray Bladon from a sharp angle. The goal, seemed to suck some of the confidence out of the slashy-go-happy goaltender, who would surrender another another pair to Clarke Spencer and Cole Geiger respectively given the Watchmen a healthy 7-3 lead. The Army didn’t like the ass-kicking they were receiving and the game slowly deteriorated; aptly summed up below:

Come on guys let's call the f%&@ing game gets you a 10 and a suspension?  What is the appeal process? Two games of this crap. Call the little s*@t and let guys get pissed off but let the big stuff go.  And apparently another headshot (not on me) ........this is getting ridiculous.

As a result of the melee(s), the Watchmen surrendered a pair in the dying minutes of the game, but hung on for a convincing win.

The action left captain Tom Jacknisky hungry for more, including a few fries and plenty of pre-poured ketchup from the Crown and Anchor.

Watchmen 3 Stars

1.         Murray Bladon

2.         Lyle Van Wieren

3.         Clarke Spencer

Record 5-3

Watchmen (7) Med Army (5)


Watchmen kick off season in middle of pack

Decent play, poor journalism


EDMONTON – Seven games into the season the Watchmen find themselves hovering above the .500 mark, but batting .000 on post-game reports. Play has solid, but attendance has been erratic, leaving the boys in purple often scraping by with barely 2 lines, despite carrying the largest roster in the squad’s 10 year history. Like last year, the division is tight, with most teams being capable of winning or losing on any given night, meaning the Watchmen management will need to shore up their roster as first loop through the division is complete, and the season’s first period comes to a close.

While the journalism has been lacking, the WatchNET has added a twitter feed (@WatchmenHockey) and an editorial cartoonist, the inaugural Between Periods sums up the first quarter of the season that was missed in ink:

Description: Description: Macintosh HD:Users:timw:Documents:Watchmen:1 - new page:1 - data:pics:watchmen-comic.png

Season Opening Stars

1.         Lyle Van Wieren

2.         Jeff MacLellan

3.         Rory Shott

Record 4-3


Watchmen look for redemption in 2014

New faces join old farts


EDMONTON - The Watchmen kick off their season tonight at Castledowns Arena against the Central Med Army. Coming off a successful pennant-winning season, the Watchmen still have more to prove after having settled for silver in the finals.

The core of the squad is returning, but the Watchmen have lost three of last year's their top scorers, with Clinton Paul and Michael Burkat leaving E-town and Cam Phillips moving off the full-time roster for the season. Additionally the Watchmen lost the dynamic duo of Pastorius and Warner on the blue line.

A free agent freenzy by GM Nisky has filled in some of the holes, including picking up another VW on the blue line adding just a bit of size to the Watchmen D. Mega-VW signed on despite Jeff MacLellan trying to kill him during a summer training camp skate. The squad also recruited back out east, getting Dave MacBurnie to dawn the purple threads for the first time since the summer of 2008, as well as adding Scott Arsenault from the Island of Prince Edward, completing the Watchmen's historical roster to officially cover every province in the country. Watchmen GM also nabbed the highly sought after Clarke Spencer to round out the Watchmen's offence, while adding Ben Burke to the line-up full time who will do double-duty with his D partner on both the Ice Bears and the Watchmen this season.

After a pair of pre-season skates, the gold and purple will see how the mix of new and old blood will gel to put the puck in the net and defend their aging, but continually aesthetically pleasing goaltender.

Puck drops at 10:45pm.

2013 Consulation Trohpy proudly displayed beside hedge clippers and weed wacker

Description: Description: Description: Macintosh HD:Users:timw:Documents:Watchmen:1 - new page:1 - 2014:1 - data:IMG_2616.jpg

2013 Summer camp hazards of training with MacLellan


Pre-season Three Stars

1.         Mitch Flegel

2.         Jason Wilson

3.         Preston Kulmatycki

Preseason Record 2-0